PASO ROBLES — With the change in season and wet weather, residents are reminded to collect and properly dispose of the leaves from trees on their private property and the sidewalk bordering their property. 

Leaves left in the street can clog our storm drains, resulting in street flooding when it rains. To prevent potential flooding issues in your neighborhood, residents are encouraged to collect and dispose of yard waste in the green waste bins for collection on regularly scheduled waste collection days. City crews will provide cleanup of leaves associated with City street trees. Please keep in mind the following items:

• Blowing or raking private property leaves into the street (gutter or storm drain) does not constitute proper cleanup or disposal.

• If possible, mow over your leaves to create mulch. This will significantly reduce the number of fallen leaves to clean up, and your lawn will love it!  


• Residents that have yard service are asked to remind landscaping service companies and yard care providers that leaves must be placed in the green waste bin. 

If you have any questions regarding proper disposal procedures, call the Public Works Department at 237-3861.