PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles is working in conjunction with nonprofits to find housing for tenants being forced out of the Grandview Apartments owned by Santa Barbara County residents Ebrahim and Fahimeh Madadi. 

Earlier this year, the nonprofit SLO Legal Assistance Foundation along with the Hutkin Law Firm filed a class-action lawsuit against the owners and a manager of Grandview Apartments on behalf of the tenants arising out of “the uninhabitable conditions of the tenants endured” living at the apartments. Superior Court Judge Ginger Garrett ruled to continue a temporary restraining order that prohibits the owners from collecting rent until conditions are made habitable and safe. 

However, the court allowed the complex’s owners to begin serving notices to vacate, starting on Sept. 27. 

“The last meeting we came and during general comments we asked the city for help with dealing with the imminent problem of potential homelessness facing a large number of our clients,” SLO Legal Assistance Director Stephanie Barclay told the Council. 


At the Oct.29 City Council meeting, Barclay commended the Council and City staff for their assistance in attempting to help the tenants find homes. She also acknowledged local housing nonprofits People’s Self-Help Housing and the Paso Robles Housing Authority for their efforts in finding ways to help find housing for approximately 20 families who are being forced to move in less than a month’s time. 

City Manager Tom Frutchey told the Council that an inspection of 16 Grandview units showed health violations, as well as, a “variety of vermin.” In light of the numerous violations, Frutchey said that the owners were required to fumigate all five buildings.   

The City worked with nonprofits, hotels and schools to provide short-term housing while steps were being made to ensure the buildings were being made safe and habitable. The City sought ways to provide transportation to and from the temporary housing. 

A local exterminator also fumigated personal items and clothing that are to be used while the families were displaced. Frutchey said the City is working to ensure that the renters “have long-term housing well into the future that allows them to stay residents of Paso Robles, because these are Paso Robles residents. These are our people.”