Female victim attacked and assaulted while hiking the Santa Rosa Creek trail 


CAMBRIA — On Jun. 27, a sexual assault occurred when a female victim was attacked while on the Santa Rosa Creek hiking trail south of Windsor Boulevard in Cambria. 

The victim was dragged off the trail by a male suspect who was unknown to her. The suspect held the victim against her will and sexually assaulted the victim over the next several hours before leaving her and fleeing the area. 

The victim notified the Sheriff’s Office on the morning of Jun. 28. Detectives immediately began an investigation and were able to collect DNA evidence which was processed using the ANDE Rapid DNA instrument to develop a DNA profile of the suspect. 


This is the first time the Sheriff’s Office has used the ANDE Rapid DNA instrument in a criminal investigation.

During the course of the investigation, Detectives were able to identify a likely suspect as 31-year-old Jesus Barajas Valdovinos of Cambria. Following a positive ID of Barajas Valdovinos by the victim, the Sheriff’s Office saturated the Cambria area with both marked and unmarked patrol units while Detectives continued their investigation and attempted to locate Barajas Valdovinos. 

On Jul. 2, Detectives arrested Barajas Valdovinos in the 4000 block of Burton Drive, and he was transported to County Jail.