Making it easier to connect visitors to the nation’s largest state park system

SACRAMENTO — California State Parks is proud to announce the availability of a new mobile app that will make it easier for visitors to connect with nature and enhance access for all to the nation’s largest state park system. Powered by OuterSpatial, the mobile app is free and provides visitors with real-time updates about on-the-ground conditions and access to a library of park and trail information, including directions to parks, interactive maps, visitor guidelines, park brochures, points of interest, events and more.

“During the pandemic, public lands provided an incredible sanctuary for humans around the world. Californians visited our iconic state parks in large numbers, with many visiting the outdoors for the first time,” said California State Parks Director Armando Quintero. “We’re excited that many people discovered the benefits of the outdoors. With the OuterSpatial-powered app, new and avid outdoor enthusiasts will be more prepared for their outdoor experiences by being able to view real-time updates, such as trail closures or parking restrictions, at home or while exploring the outdoors.”

Below are some of the things visitors can do with the new app:

  • Get transit, biking, walking and driving directions to their favorite state park and trails.
  • Navigate safely while on trails by knowing which trails are suitable for hikers, bikers, equestrians and their furry friends.
  • Locate parking, restrooms, picnic areas and other park amenities.
  • Access information about natural, cultural and historical points of interest.
  • Share experiences and photos and connect with others who love the outdoors using a social feature. 
  • Engage with park staff to show their appreciation and letting them know about maintenance and other issues.
  • Discover other regional, state and national outdoor public spaces nearby.

To get started, visitors can follow this link: If on an iOS or Android device, following this link will download the OuterSpatial app and take the visitor directly to the California State Parks community. If on a desktop device, following this link will take the visitor to the California State Parks community on the OuterSpatial website, where they can then seamlessly transition into the app using tooling on the website.

As a reminder, it is always helpful for visitors to have a solid understanding of the terrain prior to visiting, and it is even more helpful when that knowledge is augmented by tools to help keep them oriented and safe. A physical map, compass, GPS-enabled device or phone with plenty of battery life and previously loaded with apps and maps is essential to navigation in the remote parts of California.