Because…tomato season

ETTO Pastificio brings Italian pasta tradition to Tin City

Stephanie and Brian Terrizzi know some things. They know how to farm – Stephanie is a prominent force for bio-organic viticulture on the central coast and was recently nominated for wine grape grower of the year in SLO County. They make wine: his Italian varietal blends at Giornata have been called “the best you can find in California.” Add pasta production to the list: Having worked and studied Italian wine in Italy, Brian applied that same rigor to Etto, the family’s local pasta company. Brian spent time at several factories, mostly around the famous pasta town of Gragnano in southern Italy, learning everything about making traditional pastas.
Our teammate Anna sent us pictures from a recent field trip she took with her daughter to the Etto Tin City shop and facility, where she raved about everything from the warm welcome to the gorgeous packaging. Now that we have six different pastas on our shelves at General Store, we wanted to learn even more about Etto, so we grabbed Brian for some questions before he left for (you guessed it) a trip to Italy.
If you were going to serve one of your pastas to highlight the best of Paso, what would you serve?
#1. Carbonara with the amazing pancetta from Alle-pia paired with our casarecce pasta. (If fresh peas are available add them.)
#2. Fresh cherry or grape tomatoes from the farmers market cooked with a little garlic.
Add a touch of milk or butter and fresh basil as you add pasta to the sauce. Use the reginetteor trombe pasta.
What’s special about pasta the way you make it at Etto?
Our pasta is healthy! We use fresh organic flour, and when cooked al dente, our pasta is low glycemic and gives long term sustainable energy with 12 grams of protein. We also dry the pasta slowly at low temperature to better preserve the nutrition of the grain. We make pasta for our kids’ Montessori school in Atascadero, and hope to expand to more schools in Paso.
Delicious, good for you, local, made by lovely people: all the things we love! Learn more at Bring on that basket of tomatoes from farmer’s market! (And if you haven’t tried it already, our new Bitterman’s Salt would round out what you need for the simplest, tastiest meal this summer.)
Cheers to Etto!
The team at General Store Paso Robles