Spotlight on Pacific Trust Mortgage & Las Tablas Animal Hospital

Pacific Trust Mortgage
Stacia Finley
Becoming a mortgage banker in 2010 was a welcome career change for Stacia Finley. Coming from a family of educators and aspiring to become a teacher herself, she planned her college education accordingly. While teaching was then and remains her passion, Stacia reassessed her life goals and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. This led to a more financially stable, but very time-consuming career in corporate America. When raising a family became her priority, Stacia left her corporate job and moved to the Central Coast. Returning to her original passion of being a teacher, Stacia obtained her substitute teaching credential; later to teach K through 12 grades while being very involved in her community through the PTA at her children’s school and the AYSO youth soccer program.

Stacia Finley

Stacia Finley

Through a personal referral, an opportunity to enter the mortgage lending profession was presented.
A highly respected member of the local lending community told Stacia, “Mortgages are an integral part of our community. And it’s so important to educate people about the right way to get and use a mortgage.” The minute the word ‘Education’ was spoken, Stacia new she’d found the perfect profession.
Regarding originating mortgage loans, Stacia says, “I absolutely love teaching my clients about how to conservatively purchase a home and understand what they are taking on.” With headquarters in San Luis Obispo, Pacific Trust Mortgage is the only local funding mortgage bank on the Central Coast. Stacia adds, “When you come to me for a mortgage, it’s locally funded. It means that the mechanism is right here on the Central Coast.”
Every mortgage is unique and personal. Every client is equally unique with their needs, goals aspirations and ideas. “It’s my job to educate my clients about the advantages and potential pitfalls of lending programs. What’s so great about Pacific Trust Mortgage is their breadth of products I have available,” says Stacia. Since Pacific Trust Mortgage is a direct lender, there is local access to creative financing as well as conventional and government financing (FHA, VA, USDA), reverse mortgages and equity lines for purchase, refinance, renovation and construction.
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Las Tablas Animal Hospital
Dr. Lariann Baretta
After over 15 years of combined veterinary medicine experience in small animal general practices and a multi-doctor emergency hospital, Dr. Lariann Baretta, DVM joined Las Tablas Animal Hospital in June of 2017. Owner of the hospital and veterinarian Dr. Edsall says, “Dr. Baretta has brought a high level of diagnostic acumen and experience. I am always impressed with how patient she is with clients in explaining things, listening to them and repeatedly following up with them to make sure of the best outcome. She is very caring and is a true professional. We love having her at Las Tablas Animal Hospital.”
Dr. Baretta

Dr. Baretta

Dr. Baretta chose veterinary medicine out of the desire to work with people and animals. After studying wildlife biology, her direction changed to the more personal side. She adds, “I wanted the human
interaction; knowing that I’m not only helping the animals. Their owners are part of the equation. It’s a very fulfilling job because I can help people deal with all situations; especially the exciting aspects of new pets.”
Dr. Baretta’s special interests include ultrasonography, internal medicine, chronic diseases and oncology. She particularly enjoys the fulfillment she receives from educating the pet owners about how to treat their pet’s chronic illness at home. Additionally, she appreciates the advances in technology and imaging, particularly dental radiography, along with other diagnostics that offer a more rapid diagnosis for certain conditions and diseases; especially infectious diseases.
Get-to-know Dr. Baretta by making an appointment for all your pet care needs. You’ll see what experienced, compassionate veterinary care really feels like.
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