Proceeds provide food, clothing, and essentials for the unhoused community

By Becca Sligh 

Paso Robles Press Contributor

PASO ROBLES — On July 8, Paso Cares, a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide for the immediate and longer-term needs of homeless and needy persons and families in the Paso Robles, was presented with a donation from the American Legion Riders Chapter 50 in the amount of $2,000. This is the second time this year the American Legion Riders Chapter 50 has made a donation toward Paso Cares and their organization.

Mary Booker, president of Paso Cares, gave some more insight on what these specific donations are used for: “We use them to supply food, clothing, hygiene products, sleeping bags, tents, whatever the need we can meet for the unhoused community — that’s what we focus on.”


Booker explains that since Paso Cares fell under new leadership, one of the new leaders being Booker’s niece, Juanetta Perkins, she’s been with the organization now for roughly two years. Since Booker had experience with homeless outreach, she was invited to join the board and was soon after made president of the Paso Cares nonprofit.

When asked what Booker would like the public to know about the Paso Cares nonprofit organization, she responded, “They’re always welcome to send donations, we have a website, and they can find us on Facebook.”

Booker also gives information if anyone is interested in volunteering, saying, “If they would like to reach out and volunteer, we do two pop-ups a month. We do one on the second Saturday of every month at Second Baptist Church [Paso Robles] and every last Saturday of the month in the JC Penney’s parking lot in Paso Robles.”

Booker also said the organization usually passes out cards to the unhoused community so they know when the pop-ups are as well as posting on social media when the pop-ups are so interested community members can come and volunteer.

Lastly, Booker remarked, “Anybody is welcome to volunteer and we appreciate anybody’s service for our community.”

For anyone who is interested in volunteering with the Paso Cares pop-ups or if you’d like to make a physical or monetary donation, please visit the group’s website,, as well as its Facebook page Paso Cares.

Feature Image: Paso Cares volunteers stand with American Legion Riders Chapter 50 members displaying the donated check of $2,000. Contributed Photo