Paso Robles Wineries Can Now Reach a New Audience of Over 20m Wine Fans

PASO ROBLES — The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance (PRWCA) announced that it has partnered with Wine Folly to create a Paso Robles Region Guide on their digital education platform. Through this partnership, the PRWCA has opened Wine Folly’s platform for all Paso Robles wineries to reach their over 20 million wine learners. Click here to visit the Paso Robles Region guide on

Through the PRWCA’s investment, all wineries in the region, ranging from large production to the boutique brands, can participate and populate their information. Producer data is managed by the winery which can be updated in real time. This keeps all winery information fresh, including available wines, varieties grown and produced, and their brand story. Currently, more than 180 brands have uploaded their information. The Wine Folly Paso Robles Region Guide reached 2.6M in the first month it was live, with nearly 300,000 users engaging with the content.

“The online opportunities to learn about wine are constantly evolving and Wine Folly is at the forefront of reaching new audiences in a fun and informative manner; they have become a go-to resource for wine lovers around the globe.” said Joel Peterson, Executive Director of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance. “Through this partnership, we really wanted to make sure all Paso Robles wineries have the opportunity to showcase their brands on a platform with an incredible reach.”


The region guide is also complemented with exclusive content created by award-winning author Madeline Puckette and Wine Folly’s Head of Wine Education, Christine Marsiglio, MW. Including a great video overview of what makes Paso Robles unique as well as wines emblematic of the region. Working with the PRWCA, they were able to capture and relate Paso’s unique growing environment into their style. Wine Folly takes their audience on an approachable and informative path that encourages further exploration into the region.

“Our Region Guides are the first time in the wine industry where wineries are treated as equals. Wine producers share their stories with over 20 million wine learners. Explore wineries and wines without any bias or filters between discovery. It’s an even playing field.” said David Gluzman, CEO of Wine Folly

Paso Robles is the seventh Region Guide produced by Wine Folly, and only second in California. Other regional guides include Walla Walla Valley, Napa Valley, Argentina, Alto Adige, Sicily, Bordeaux, and now Paso Robles. The region guide is live now and attracted positive reactions around the world. The introductory video by Madeline Puckette about Paso Robles has already been viewed 50,000 times on their social media channels.

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Paso Robles Wine Country Partners With Wine Folly