Paso Robles Winery and Brewery unite for a night of wine and beer pairings

PASO ROBLES — Beer and wine lovers should take note of a new collaboration from the Central Coast. ONX Wines and BarrelHouse Brewing out of Tin City, Paso Robles, are teaming up to host a wine and beer pairing dinner in the heart of ONX’s winemaking facility — Zin City Social on Saturday, March 11.

ONX Wines has long been known for unique blends and inspired experiences that push the boundaries of its 19-varietal vineyard estate. Continuing in its creative style, ONX has teamed up with family-owned Barrelhouse Brewing on a multiple-course dining adventure at the Tin City winery. Chef Rachel Ponce, a local culinary pairing expert, will be coupling each course with a wine and a beer. ONX Winemaker Drew Nenow and BarrelHouse Brewer Patrick Wilson will walk guests through each wine and beer as the courses progress. The evening will also highlight the breweries’ Zin City, a BHBC beer made with Zinfandel grapes off the ONX Estate.

“When I am creating my pairings, I start from whatever is in the glass and then develop the dish around that and what happens as it completes the dish,” Ponce said. “Adding another element into this, I want to find wine and beers with similarity, then create the dish around every flavor that the wine and beer are coming from. It is important that the guest go from tasting the wine to the food and then tasting the beer to the food. If you taste the wine and beer side by side, what is happening on your palate will not work until you indulge into the dish. Sounds crazy and fun; make sure you experience this dinner.”


To view the evening’s menu and purchase a ticket for this much-anticipated dinner you can visit ONX Wines. The reception and entry pour will begin at 6 p.m., followed by the three-course paired dinner.

ONX Wines is a Paso Robles winery and farmstead with a 130-acre vineyard located in the dynamic Templeton Gap AVA. It is planted with 19 distinct varieties & numerous clones. Their wines are expressive yet balanced blends that reflect the vineyard estate and its complex alluvium soils.

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