In Case You Missed It

Every single month in Paso Robles and the surrounding areas is packed with events that help drive industry, business, charitable pursuits, or just plain fun. At Paso Magazine, we endeavor to let you know all about as many upcoming events as possible, but as many as there are, you might have missed the events. From time to time, we will offer our exclusive recap, and hope to inspire you to mark your calendars for the next time.
Events offer a variety of rewards for those who attend, and most of them possess these characteristics: fundraising, networking, celebration of success or endeavor, entertainment, moving orations or performances, great company and great food. Here’s a few from last month.
California Mid State Fair Annual Dinner
Olé! That’s the call of the 2018 California Mid-State Fair as “Ole! It’s Fiesta Time” approaches. On Feb. 2, CMSF CEO Mike Bradley presented, and Marketing and Sponsorship Director Tom Keffury emceed the event to announce the 2018 lineup of grandstand events, and appreciate individuals and businesses that made a significant and notable contribution to the annual production.
Certificates of Appreciation were given to Kyle Dadson, Brett Butterfield, and the City of Paso Robles for their participation in the 2017 CMSF for extraordinary effort and execution. Also celebrated were Terry O’Farrell — Employee of the Year, Maribeth Bonomi — Volunteer of the Year, and JB Dewar — Sponsor of the Year. Bonnie and Claude Loftus took home the 16 Bar AA Award, SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson was inducted into the CMSF Hall of Fame, and Bob Cummings and Chuck Fletcher were both named CMSF Heritage Foundation Members of the Year.
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Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala
We could not be happier about our partnership with the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce to help make the business community of Paso Robles stronger. It is a relationship that is just getting started and we have high hopes for some successful partnerships. That attitude was on display on Feb. 3, at the Chamber’s annual gala, themed “United We Grow.” Chamber chairman Matt McClish emceed the evening of celebration for businesses working together for economic and community vitality.
The pinnacle of the evening’s awards, Roblan of the Year Tom Madden gave a speech that encapsulated his definition of what makes a “Roblan.”
“It doesn’t matter where you come from or how long you have been here, being a Roblan is about leaving the community in better condition than you found it.”
Tom summed up being a Roblan, as well as the 2018 Chamber of Commerce theme for Paso Robles — United We Grow. Join the Chamber, mark your calendars for next year’s gala, and ask us about our Chamber member promotions!
Queens of Cool
Ok, so this one was a complete surprise and strengthened our resolve to assist Wine Country Theatre in their mission of building a community of artists and audiences. Community theatre has the special power to bring us together, to help our towns become communities through the participation in, and the enjoyment of, professional-caliber community theatre.
The show was called “The Kings of Cool” and was packed with household names, but we really want to let you know about the “Queens of Cool” — WCT Founder and Treasurer Cynthia Anthony and Board President Laurie Zenobio. These two are stalwart advocates of local theater, and produced a great show last month (not to mention all the other wonderful volunteers who made it all happen!).
We were some of the last to be seated in what ended a full house for The Kings of Cool: LEGENDS OF VEGAS show on Feb. 9 at the Park Ballroom. At a table with two couples who moved to Paso Robles within the last 10 years, we spent an enjoyable evening listening to great music by Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, Tom Jones, and of course Frank Sinatra.
Bobby Horn, John Laird, and Chad Stevens crooned with the Brett Mitchell Trio backing up with music and occasional vocals.
The singers entertained with sweet serenades, insightful anecdotes, comedic antics — including a giant pink flamingo wearing a sailor’s cap and Elvis shades — and enjoyable crowd interaction that was truly a fun night, even for those of us under 40 who were not born when any of these songs were written and hit the air for the first time.
Our personal favorites were Nat King Cole’s “L-O-V-E” and Tom Jones “It’s Not Unusual.”
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Studios on the Park Sweet Art Luncheon
It seems everywhere we go, there she is … Travel Paso’s executive director Danna Stroud. My wife and I were privileged to sit at her table on Feb. 13 for the Sweet Art Luncheon at Studios on the Park — a fundraiser for Studios and this year honoring board president and supporter extraordinaire Barbara Partridge.
What a special privilege to be a part of that event, and to witness a once-in-a-lifetime experience of Jim Brescia and Marjorie Hamon sharing a microphone to serenade Barbara with “Bridge Over Paso Robles,” a modified rendition of the Simon & Garfunkel tune.
More than just a luncheon to celebrate Barbara, the special event was a fundraiser for Studios to continue the work it has done — which includes bringing 3,000 local elementary-aged students through the showroom to expose them to various forms of fine art in 2017. The event brought in more than $57,000 in fundraising.
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