Structure honoring longtime city benefactor was created and built by local artist Dale Evers

PASO ROBLES — On Tuesday, Apr. 5, the City of Paso Robles came together to officially dedicate the new Norma’s Alley archway on Pine Street to Norma Moye, Paso Robles Main Street Association executive director and lifelong benefactor of Paso Robles. 

Local artist Dale Evers built and designed the archway to celebrate Moye and bring art to downtown Paso Robles. The archway was funded by local downtown property and business owners Robert Gilson and Nick Tompkins. Due to delays related to COVID-19, it took two years to complete the archway, which was installed in February. 

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During the reception on Tuesday, Moye walked and danced with family and friends from her Main Street Association office to the archway, which faces Pine Street between 12th and 13 Streets. Downtown Paso business owners, employees, and city staff cheered for Moye along with Paso Robles law enforcement and and the Fire Department.

Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin addressed the crowd.

“Norma is someone I remember working with since I was about 17 years old in Paso Robles,” he said. “Everywhere I went, it was Norma Moye, Norma Moye, Norma Moye because Norma has always been and always will be Paso Robles’s own Energizer bunny.”

“I want to give you my personal thanks, my personal respect, and it’s been a blessing to know you all these years, and I hope to know you and work with you for many, many more,” Martin added.

Dale Evers, the artist behind the creation of the archway, said, “This project is meaningful on so many levels because it’s meaningful for me, it’s meaningful for the City of Paso Robles, it’s meaningful for Norma. It’s been organic, and there’s been some great people involved.”

Moye and Evers thanked city staff and others for their help with the process to build the archway.

“Artwork helps express a community’s values and create an evaluated sense of awareness for our community members and visitors,” Moye said. “We live in the best town in the whole world, and you people are the greatest people in the whole world.”

Martin concluded that now when people try to find Norma’s Way, they will know exactly where to go.

A reception followed the ceremony at Dale Evers Studio at 1000 Park St., where refreshments and good camaraderie were provided.

Moye has been the executive director for the Downtown Paso Robles Main Street Association since 1992. As a fourth generation Roblan, she was born, raised, and has always lived and worked in Paso Robles. Her passion for Paso and small business, combined with her conviction to make things happen, have helped create and sustain the success of Paso Robles. You can find Norma at the Main Street office located at 835 12th St., Suite D, in the alley known as “Norma’s Way” and you can experience the magic she helps create at

Evers has created sculptures for Fortune 500 companies, national hotel chains, a Caribbean tourism agency and private collectors all over the world. He attended Cuesta College in 1980, graduated from San Diego State in 1985 with a degree in industrial arts and then set out to travel the world creating art. He eventually returned to the Central Coast and settled in Paso Robles, where he operates the Dale Evers Studio with Chloe Joy Evers and longtime partner Timothy Anderson. You can find Dale in his studio at 1000 Park St. in Paso Robles and online at