Our little hamlet of El Paso de Robles has something for everyone. Wouldn’t you agree with that? In the middle of last month and just for the school district’s 4th graders, it was time to get their turn to receive all the attention … just for them! Bussed in from all over, the Paso Robles Event Center was the perfect venue for this yearly event. Man, aren’t we lucky to have such a great place for so many things in town!
No rocket science or advanced degree is needed to remind us every day that we are in an Agricultural area. Not just any old Agricultural area but one that covers the gamut of hundreds of acres of carrots to the world’s best wine. From every four-legged farm animal to winged fowl and furry things that hop — they’re here in Paso. From little tractors to massive harvesting machines; from the dairy at Cal Poly to horse events on a monthly basis at the Event Center … and list goes on.
If you want Ag, it’s here and it isn’t hard to find. You might even be enjoying a locally produced red or white Ag beverage as you read this. Sometimes I do that while I write these articles! Local FFA and 4H keep the spirit alive and in association with teachers and dedicated volunteers, they pass down our legacy and make Agriculture come alive.
So there they were, all over the place; 4th graders by the hundreds … or so it seemed. They came in groups and each group stayed about an hour or so to get the feel of a few things Ag related. Teachers and their aides, volunteers and older students were on hand to provide a very interesting, productive, learning-experience kind of day for these youngsters.
There were roping demonstrations, a 40s Farmall H tractor, honey displays and a really great relay race to “sorta demonstrate’’ how the worker bees take care of the queen. Naturally in the mix were the worlds’ most expensive yard ornaments — horses!
To all who volunteered and demonstrated, a big THANK YOU. It may not seem like a big deal but, it really is!