Savannah Fuentes to bring real Flamenco, straight and stunning


savannah fuentes flamenco dancer

ATASCADERO — Seattle-based Flamenco dancer Savannah Fuentes brings her latest work, Flores de Verano, Flamenco en Vivo, to the Atascadero Grange Hall on Jul. 16 at 8 p.m. 

After a year of confinement and self-reflection, Fuentes has created Flores de Verano, Flamenco en Vivo, a program that celebrates rebirth and new beginnings.

Flores de Verano will feature traditional Flamenco musical forms as well as contemporary themes. Fuentes will be joined by singer/guitarist Diego Amador, Jr. of Sevilla. All safety guidelines will be followed. This event is part of an extensive West Coast tour. 

Fuentes acts as both a Flamenco dancer and producer and is one of the only touring artists in the Pacific Northwest region with deep connections to Flamenco culture.

Regina Hackett of the Seattle Post Intelligencer said that Fuentes presents “…real Flamenco, straight and stunning.” Fuentes has independently produced and danced in over 300 performances and workshops featuring internationally recognized Spanish Flamenco artists, including Carlos de Jacoba, Saray Munoz, and Jesus Montoya.

savannah fuentes flamenco dancer

Fuentes was born in Seattle to parents of Puerto Rican and Irish ancestry. Her fascination with Flamenco dance—baile—and singing—cante—came to her in early childhood after watching a Flamenco performance on television.

“Although I was just a child,” said Fuentes, “I felt an immediate connection to the art form.”

Fuentes considers Flamenco a lifelong study, an artistic journey she began in her late teens that continues to this day. She has studied with many notable Flamenco artists including Guadiana, Joaquin Grilo, Eva Yerbabuena, El Farru, and Isabel Bayon. Ms. Fuentes attributes her formation as an artist to her most significant mentor, Maestra Sara de Luis.

Diego Amado, Jr. Flamenco

Amador, Jr., a Flamenco singer, guitarist, was born in Seville into a family considered “Flamenco royalty.” His father is the celebrated Flamenco pianist Diego Amador, and his uncles Rafael and Raimundo Amador were the founders of the popular Flamenco band “Pata Negra.”

From a very young age, Amador, Jr. began performing and touring with some of Spain’s top Flamenco artists, including Remedios Amaya, La Susi, Lole Montoya, Farruquito, and Joaquin Cortes. Amador, Jr. is an accomplished Flamenco percussionist and pianist as well. His first album as a singer/songwriter, Presente en el Tiempo, was released on Jun. 20th.

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