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Rev. Elizabeth Rowley is an independent columnist for The Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press; you can email her at revelizabeth@cccsl.org.

On the spiritual path of becoming more of who we are, which is becoming more ourselves, we experience many transformations. Even if you’re not on a spiritual path, you have transformed many times and will do so many more to come.

Some kick and scream along their path to transformation, deny the need for things to change, resist transformation when faced with it, and continue along the path of denial even as the shift occurs! Something new has already emerged, yet they cling to the old way and refuse to let go. In the letting go, infinite possibility and unlimited potentiality are revealed.

Human life is currently transient, meaning that our bodies are all passing by like clouds in the sky. I believe our souls go on for all eternity. The body, however, can only go on for a finite amount of time. When the body can no longer house the soul, the soul leaves it, returning to the light. When it’s time, the soul comes into form again, to wherever it’s uniquely called.

Since we humans are continually becoming more of ourselves, change is inevitable. Rather than resist change, let’s embrace it, welcome it with enthusiasm and curiosity.


Individuals often fear change because one must let go of what’s known and familiar or comfortable to leap into the unknown with faith. It’s not the change that is disturbing; it’s the fear of the unknown and the identification with that fear that keeps them stuck. We forget that the unknown is the Great Mystery, The Thing Itself, Spirit, Divine. Let’s lean into Spirit with calm assurance and allow It to lead the way. As you lean into it, you let go of your identification with fear and embrace unlimited possibility and infinite potentiality.

What comes with the fear of the unknown are mindsets like what if it doesn’t work out, what if it all goes wrong, I can’t see how it will work, and I can’t do it. Ultimately this is a lack of trust in the God of your understanding. I say get a bigger God, please. Then watch the good pour forth into your life with great magnitude, and blessings abound.

On Geneva lake in Switzerland, there are more than seventy different types of wind. When there is very little wind, the sailors scan the still water, searching for ripples. When located, the skipper changes direction and heads to the disturbance in the water. The sails fill up, and the boat receives the power needed to sail ahead. Those who are successful in locating the water movement reach their destination and complete the race. They have embraced the changing winds. Imagine if you were to approach changes in your life with this same desire and determination.

Let’s be like those sailors and embrace the changing winds upon us. Lean into the God of your understanding for the comfort, strength, and courage to proceed. What if it’s easy?

And so it is.