As an older women who suffers from knee and sciatica pain I rely heavily on exercise to help keep my pain under control.  That’s why attending classes at Kennedy Club Fitness is so important to me. The exercise classes I take there are a valuable part of my mental and fitness well being. When I experience time away from Kennedy my pain is increased and my mobility is reduced a great deal.   Knowing I will feel better after taking a class at Kennedy helps me to get to class and not just sit around.  If Kennedy Club Fitness was not open I would have to endure pain and anxiety while waiting for the pandemic to be over.

Thank you Kennedy Club Fitness for helping me live a better life.

A very grateful Kennedy Club member,
Linda May

It is a known fact that exercise is an important part of your daily routine just like eating and sleeping. It is hard to motivate yourself to exercise on your own and most times you find excuses for not following through. We were there! Both my husband and I had some health issues which after visiting our doctor found that if we did not change our lifestyle, we would be facing some serious consequences if we did not follow his recommendations. Along with changing our diet, he strongly recommended exercising at least three times a week.


We joined Kennedy Club Fitness 14 years ago because of the many activities they offered for all age groups. The personal trainers at Kennedy were instrumental in helping us find the right type of exercise routine for our age and health goals. Exercise increases lifespan, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts memory, improves sleep, manage weight and strengthens our natural immune system. We are not just talking about physical exercise, but also mental health. People need to be social, especially seniors. Kennedy Club is for everyone and is healthy for both mind and body.

We are now in our middle 70’s, and over the years our doctor has shown us how much we have improved our physical strength and our natural immune system. By keeping your physical body and your immune system in excellent condition, you will avoid a lot of sickness, and if you do get sick, you will recover faster. We consider Kennedy Club to be an essential business in our community. Quality of life is important at our age, and we are blessed to have the Kennedy Club family in our life.

Craig and Alicia Forrester