To whom it may concern:

I have been with Kennedy for quite a few years, but have really gone strong since 2014 when I was retired. 

Before Covid  I averaged 4 to 5 times a week and really missed it when we shut down in April.

Having both of my knees replaced I really need to come and work out in the water, this  movement helps the arthritic joints In my body.  A year ago I was Diagnosed with blockage In my heart and my doc said to keep moving or have a stroke another reason to come to the pool.  You don’t just find healthy physical activity but it helps with your mental Heath as well.  Encouragement comes from your classmates as well as your instructors.  Being a regular we are there to check on one another , important fact as we age.


Please keep us open we all need it and depend on it. The club does a fine job keeping us all well and safe.

Thank you,
Margaret Oliveira
A 71 year old active member