Dear Editor,

Thank you to everyone in our community who voted for me in the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Special Election. I am sincerely grateful to all of the individuals who supported my campaign through volunteering, donating, providing encouragement or contributing in any other way over the last several months. While the election results did not provide the outcome I had hoped, I have wished Mr. Enney well and offered any guidance I can provide during his term.

I am exceptionally proud of my team for helping me to run such a positive and thoughtful campaign. I learned a tremendous amount from meeting with voters and engaging with our community as a school board candidate. I intend to remain involved in the Paso Robles school district as a volunteer because working with students and families brings me joy and is my life’s work.


I hope you have been inspired in a positive way and that you too will continue to be involved in our community. For the next 18 months, this school board will be making decisions about the future of our schools and it is extremely important to remain engaged. I urge you to continue paying attention because our students need strong voices in the community and their education will dictate the future of our community. I encourage you to talk to your friends about the direction of schools and get them involved too.

In the meantime, I will remain an advocate for students, families, and teachers. Thank you again for showing me so much support during this campaign. Please stay tuned.

Angela Hollander RN, MPPM

Paso Robles