February 2018

#1. Two opposing things can be equally true… I love to travel and I love my home. #2 It wasn’t much fun having a broken neck but now I can look back and laugh! #3 Q: What word becomes shorter after you add two letters to it? A: Short. #4 The kitchen is the best place to be with family and friends.
Chuck D#5 There are only 2 ways to run for office: scared or unopposed. #6 I love the word poop because it makes my granddaughter laugh uncontrollably. #7 Q: Why did the cow cross the road? A: To get to the udder side. #8 My diet is very balanced; one day a glazed donut and the next day, jelly.
#9 Let your dreams become the springboard for great actions. #10 I had a very strange experience yesterday. I called the utility company and a real person answered. #11 “We” is a great word because it represents inclusion and union. #12 Q: How do fish get around in a busy ocean? A: They hail a crab.
#13 The Great Wall of China isn’t held together by sand or mortar but by sticky rice flour. #14 When your wife says,“I lost 9 pounds,”don’t ever say, “That’s a great start!” #15 Woman #1: I’m seeing a man 15 years younger than I am. Woman #2: You’re a cougar. Woman #1: Why not? My first husband was a cheetah. #16 My doctor said if I eat right, don’t smoke or drink and I might make it to midnight.
Millie DOur community, individuals, families, organizations, churches, nonprofits and the technology we use to connect are all inextricably intertwined – interwoven. The circles, indeed overlap.
Last November, the Almond Country Quilt Guild held their annual fundraising event, the 28th annual Holiday Quilt Auction to benefit two local nonprofits. The Guild’s 146 members handcrafted 60 quilts and 123 other handmade silent auction items. Over 150 people attended; raising enough money so that the Tolosa Children’s Dental Center and Along Comes Hope® each received $2,600.
The funds raised will directly benefit children in our community. Tolosa Children’s Dental Center gives compassionate pediatric dental care to local, underserved children. Since 2003, over 15,000 children have been treated. The dentists at Tolosa tell the kids to beware of the ‘sugar bugs’ that cause cavities. They advise the parents to practice the three “B”s before bedtime – Brush, Book and Bed and to put little ones to bed with a hug and not a bottle of juice. Without Tolosa, many parents would not have valuable advice or dental care for their children. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.
A portion of the proceeds from the Holiday Quilt Auction will help families of children with cancer. After the founder, Jennifer Mulks Wieneke’s personal journey with cancer, Along Comes Hope® was created to provide financial and emotional support to families since sometimes the best medical care is not available close to their homes.
Interwoven Quilt graphicThe Almond Country Quilt Guild was established in 1989. It was long before the convenient, quick rotary cutter. Cardboard stencils were all the rage and 100% cotton were hard to find. Consider this thought. I’m sure the ladies that spend hours quilting do. Quilting is a metaphor. Every stitch, every square has a story. Grandma pieced her quilts together from worn clothing, scraps and cloth from flour and meal sacks. An old superstition says that at least one hand-stitch in a machine pieced quilt is needed to ensure good luck. It pieces the past and present together. The finished quilt tells a bigger story once the individual pieces are sewn together. The pieces are unified and create a whole. The same is true with all of us. The Story of Us is Interwoven. You just never know what can spark an idea for a magazine column, a project or even a quilt.