A depiction of the T & D Theater is standing proud in the alley near 12th and Spring Streets. Thanks to the Paso Robles Main Street Community Art Project “Celebrating the Arts in our Community,” the mural has found an appropriate home on the wall near where the original theater stood many ywwears ago. Overall, the ambiance is unlike what it was in the ‘40s and ‘50s, but for today’s residents and visitors, it’s the goal of the Main Street Design Committee to honor the history of downtown Paso Robles by encouraging the preservation of historic buildings and maintaining an inviting place for daily life and community celebrations. The Design Committee weighs in on the images that best represent our history. After two years of planning and dedicated work by Steve Kalar, the committee and volunteers, the mural project is complete. 

“Norma pushed the snowball down the hill to bring the project to completion,” Steve said. “I admire what Norma has done for Paso Robles.” 

Lou Esposito coordinated the construction of the frame and installation of the mural. Lorraine and Phillip Cagliero also played an integral role in completing the project.   

“Phillip involved himself every inch of the way in installation,” Steve said. “Honoring our history and our past way of life is an appropriate thing for us to do.” 


Paso Robles was home to one of the many T & D Theaters in California. The Paso theater opened in November of 1930, closed by the Fox Theaters chain in 1955 and demolished in 1957. The photo of the mural was taken in 1948. Pioneers of this era are few and far between nowadays. If you have recollections from the past, take a moment to drive by, stop and see the crowd waiting for the matinée, the gentleman in a sailor hat, a little girl with a bonnet and a woman looking out of Lenzers’ men’s store. If you have information about the mural or other historical sites downtown, contact Norma at the Main Street office, 805-238-4103. 

PANCAKE ALERT!          

Free Breakfast on Thursday July 25  

The 27th annual FREE Pancake Breakfast is signal that the Mid-State Fair is here! From 7:30 to 10:30 a.m., volunteers will be cooking and serving FREE breakfast. But there is a catch! You must have a ticket! Tickets will be available at downtown businesses from July 8 to 24. Look for the sign in the
store windows. 

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