Exhibit runs through January 27

The first exhibit of 2019 at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles kicked off on January 3 and will run through January 27. In Common Ground 2019, viewers are invited to see how artists are engaging with our current political landscape and representing their beliefs, anxieties, and ideals through their strikingly original visions.
By virtue of their call to personal expression, artists are on the front lines of processing and communicating their experience into visual form. In a world that seems increasingly chaotic, divisive, and uncertain, curator Missy Reitner-Cameron asked artists to share how they respond, engage and heal in 2019.
The featured artists for Common Ground 2019 are: Jan Aijian, Donald Archer, Jenny Ashley, Rosana Aziernicki, Mark Bryan, Carolyn Chambers, Robbie Conal, Helen K Davie, Nancy Dorobiala, WB Eckert, Julie Frankel, Scott Froschauer, Richard Fusillo, Peg Grady, Bill Green, Kat Green, K Ryan Henisey, Jordan Hockett, Kirstin Kallal, Dennis Kish, Anne Laddon, Diana Licon, Colleen Marlow, Richard Mortensen, Jean Obermeier, Susan Owen, Liz Phillips, Jordan Quintero, Maggie Ragatz, Dara Rosenwasser, Lena Rushing, Susan Schafer, Lori Slater, Wade Smith, Linda Grone Smith, Kira Smith, Tracy Taylor, Dianne Vantomme, and Stephanie Wilbanks.
Whether through abstraction, irony, satire or space, this show invites dialogue between the artist and viewer with the hope that, through art, these artists help us understand we can find the common ground essential for our future.
Studios on the Park, open daily, is located at 1130 Pine St. in Paso Robles. For more information, call 805-238-9800 or see studiosonthepark.org.