As we stand on the threshold of the holiday season and the final month of the year, it presents us with a golden opportunity for introspection. In our line of work, we have the privilege of revisiting each issue, story, and event, encapsulating the very soul of our community in print as the year draws to a close.

Behind the scenes of every issue and within the pages of every story, you will find a dedicated team of professionals. Nic and I have carefully selected a group of highly skilled individuals here at 13 Stars Media, each specializing in their respective fields. They are the driving force behind the multitude of stories we write, edit, design, and prepare for our communities, as well as the meticulously crafted advertisements that grace each issue delivered to your mailbox.

Throughout the year, our team at Paso Robles Magazine commits to our mission of “Making Communities Better Through Print.” They consistently contribute by crafting distinctive stories, executing professional designs, and delivering top-notch advertising, all from the heart of North County.


This year, in an effort to strengthen our connection with you, we have taken a moment to ask our team members about their holiday traditions, preferred local restaurants and signature orders, and whether they have any New Year’s resolutions or hopes for the upcoming year. We hope you enjoy getting to know them. 

Dana McGraw

Hire Date: September 2019

Position: Sales Manager

  • Traditions change as families grow/shrink, but one thing I love that has stayed a constant in my family is celebrating my parents’ anniversary on Christmas Eve! Not only are we so thankful for their love, but it also helps set the tone and pace for the following day’s festivities!
  • Taste is currently my favorite restaurant! I love trying all of their unique sliders and pairing them with their sides. Their menu is fun and gives you the opportunity to never eat the same meal twice!
  • I hope the New Year brings my family happiness, health and financial growth! This shouldn’t be something we promote once a year, yet instill in our children that success isn’t overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and motivation every single day! These are things we strive/work for all year long.

Christianna Marks

Hire Date: September 2021

Position: Community Writer

  • I’m starting a new one this year by throwing an annual Hanukkah party called Iconikkah Hanukkah, where we celebrate Jewish icons on top of all the regular Hanukkah festivities. I also love getting Chinese food with the fam on Christmas and going to the movies with my friend-family later that night.
  • Honestly, I’m a big fan of donut dinner, though I don’t do it often, so let’s go with SloDoCo. I always get a Marshmallow Galaxy Donut and a Lemon Jelly Filled and usually toss in a Boysenberry Pillow for the next morning!
  • I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions, but I do pick a theme song and a vibe for the upcoming year. I think 2024 is the year of “New Romantics” by Taylor Swift.

Camille DeVaul

Hire Date: December 2019

Position: Content Editor

  • There is nothing like having my great-nonna’s Italian wedding soup on Christmas Eve. Rolling the teeny tiny meatballs is a pain, but we get to laugh and think of Mama while we do it, and that makes it all worth it. It’s even better if you can find an authentic cannoli to top it all off.
  • Remaining on theme here, my favorite restaurant is ultimately Guiseppe’s Italian Restaurant in downtown San Luis Obispo. The atmosphere, the food, the drinks, I love it all.
  • My hopes for the New Year are to just embrace all that life has to offer, live in the moment, and learn to romanticize the little daily tasks. 

Anthony Atkins

Hire Date: January 2023

Position: Graphic Designer

  • My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with my family. It’s a special time when we gather together, put on some festive music, and hang ornaments and lights while reminiscing about past holidays. It really gets me into the holiday spirit.
  • My favorite local restaurant is “Nates on Marsh.” I love their ambiance and the delicious food they serve. My go-to order is the “pappardelle ragu” because it’s handmade, hearty, and just always hits the spot. 
  • My New Year’s resolution is to prioritize self-care and well-being. I hope the New Year brings me good health, personal growth, and the opportunity to create wonderful memories with my loved ones. It’s a time to set new goals and work towards a better version of myself.

Jen Rodman

Hire Date: December 2019

Position: Ad Designer

  • My daughter and I bake sweet treats or make seasonal gifts to share for Christmas. It is my favorite holiday tradition. 
  • Yanagi Sushi & Grill with teppanyaki tables. Our favorite family get togethers to celebrate birthdays with the whole meal experience.
  • Hopes for this New Year are finishing all goals, pursuing opportunities and focusing on the future. May your day start with a smile and thankfulness for the New Year!

Cami Martin

Hire Date: October 2019

Position: Company Administrator / Ad Coordinator

  • Driving around town to look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music.
  • Toshi 1.0 Sushi. Heart Attack Roll
  • For the New Year, I’m interested in pursuing new hobbies and interests and looking into new creative outlets. I’m looking forward to an entire new year of adventures!

Evan Rodda

Hire Date: January 2022

Position: Graphic Designer

  • My favorite holiday tradition is sitting around in my PJs and watching Christmas movies.
  • My favorite local restaurant is Street Side, and my go-to order is the Cubano with Sweet Potato Fries.
  • My resolution for the New Year is to learn more about motion graphics, photography, and video editing.

Ellie Baisch

Hire Date: August 2023

Position: Sales & Marketing

  • My favorite tradition is making too many Christmas cookies with my mom. 
  • My favorite local restaurant is Azteca Market because they make the best authentic pupusas!
  • I hope the New Year brings better surf to Morro Bay than it did this year … and that I have the opportunity to further integrate myself in the community of Atascadero!

Neil Schumaker

Hire Date: December 2021

Position: Layout Designer

  • One of my favorite holiday traditions has to be going to Christmas On Vine Street. It’s always a good time to walk around, look at all the lights, and drink hot chocolate if it’s not too cold or rainy. Fingers crossed!
  • My favorite local restaurant has to be The Catch in Paso Robles. The seafood is always amazing and cooked perfectly, but the lamb chops are to die for.
  • For a New Year’s resolution, I hope to spend more time at the beach and enjoy the beauty of our Central Coast. 

Mike Chaldu

Hire Date: January 2022

Position: Copy Editor

  • Seeing all the homes and front yards decked out in lights and holiday displays.
  • Jack’s Bar and Grill in Templeton. I go for the tri-tip sandwich and a Main Street Margarita if circumstances permit.
  • To get more organized/plan ahead about more things. I hope the New Year brings more civility and understanding between people, whether they agree on things or not.


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