Are you ready to get cool at the 2019 California Mid-State Fair? Guests are encouraged to check out the brand new “Chill Zone” located in Frontier Town in the southwest area of the fairgrounds. 

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The Chill Zone will feature an 8.1-ton “Giant Ice Cube” that will stand 7 and a half feet tall, 8 feet wide and 7 and a half feet deep. Guests will be able to guess how long the Giant Ice Cube will last before ultimately melting in the summer heat. The person who most closely guesses the correct date and time will win a $500 cash prize and two season passes to the 2020 California Mid-State Fair. Guests will also be able to touch and take selfies with the giant ice cube.

The Chill Zone will also feature:

  • A 40-inch by 16-inch fully enclosed “Ice Saloon” with inside temperatures set to 9 degrees (additional fee at the door). 
  • “Ice campfires” located on the cool white sport court. Let’s Have S’More Chill Fun!
  • A giant, outdoor serving silo with the coldest beer and specialty cocktails in town!
  • The “Chill Grill” featuring a full menu of burgers, kabobs, sausages, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and crazy fries.
  • Street artist ARCY will be “live painting” 12-inch by 8-inch snow and ice murals for the first six days of the fair. 
  • Live bands performing each night starting at 8 p.m.
  • Giant port-a-cool fans and overhead misters to keep you chill! 

The Chill Zone is proudly sponsored by Glacier Ice Company of San Luis Obispo, Roger Sharp and the California Mid-State Fair. 


The 2019 California Mid-State Fair runs July 17-28 and this year’s theme is “Let’s Have S’More Fun!” Connect with the fair on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

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