TEMPLETON — The Wound Care Clinic at Twin Cities Community Hospital recently had its 1,000th visit since opening in February. Carrie Vucasovich, Wound Care Clinic Coordinator, said that on top of serving so many people in the community, the clinic’s success is impactful as well — about two-thirds of the patients thus far have had their wounds healed, and the average “days to heal” is only 34.

This is especially significant in that the Twin Cities’ Wound Care Clinic is the only hospital-based, licensed clinic in San Luis Obispo County. Therefore, doctors do not have to send their patients outside the area for wound care, leading to better outcomes. That’s because if it is too hard to get to a wound care clinic, the patient may not go at all and end up returning to hospitals unnecessarily.

The Twin Cities’ Wound Care Clinic treats a wide variety of conditions that include non-healing wounds associated with diabetes, cancer-patient complications from radiation treatments, venostasis, trauma complications and pressure sores.