This donation will fund 21 youth soccer scholarships for children participating in TYSL

TEMPLETON — The Templeton Recreation Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to enhancing recreational opportunities for the Templeton community, has announced a generous donation of $2,100 to the Templeton Recreation Department. This donation will fund 21 youth soccer scholarships for children participating in the Templeton Youth Soccer League.

“We are indebted to the Templeton Recreation Foundation and their generosity,” Recreation Supervisor Mel Johnson, a spokesperson for the Templeton Recreation Department, said. “The funding of scholarships at a total of $2,100 means over 20 Templeton children were able to participate in the Templeton Youth Soccer League who otherwise were unable to play. As we know, youth sports participation is an important aspect of developing physical health. But the benefits extend far beyond that into mental, emotional, and social health as well. Participation in youth sports is associated with higher self-esteem, lower risk of risky behaviors, increased cognitive performance, and more. So, you can see that the donation of these scholarships is imperative to the development of happy and healthy children in our community. Thank you, TRF.”

The Templeton Recreation Foundation encourages community members to support their ongoing initiatives by making tax-deductible donations. Individuals can contribute by mailing checks made payable to “Templeton Recreation Foundation” to P.O. Box 1423, Templeton, CA 93456. All donors will receive a thank-you letter along with the Foundation’s Tax ID number.

This donation reinforces the Templeton Recreation Foundation’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and active community through accessible recreational opportunities. For more information about the Templeton Recreation Foundation, please visit or contact President Geoff English at (805) 610-0191.

About Templeton Recreation Foundation

The Templeton Recreation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting recreational programs and facilities in the Templeton community. Through fundraising and community engagement, the Foundation strives to enhance the quality of life for residents by providing accessible and diverse recreational opportunities.

Feature Image: (From left) Templeton Recreation Foundation (TRF) President Geoff English, Templeton Recreation Department Supervisor Mel Johnson, Templeton CSD Director/Templeton REC Foundation Director Khouloud Pearson, TRF Director Laurie Ion, TRF Director Jordan Traub, Templeton CSD President Wayne Petersen, Templeton Recreation Director Arielle Mortenson pose with the check representing TRF’s donation to the Templeton Youth Soccer League. Photo courtesy of Templeton Recreation Foundation