SAN LUIS OBISPO —The City of San Luis Obispo provided an update on the progress toward achieving the goals and objectives of its General Plan in alignment with current Major City Goals at the Apr. 6 City Council meeting.

The 2019-2021 Major City Goals of Housing, Climate Action, Sustainable Transportation, Fiscal Sustainability, and Downtown Vitality were the City’s top priorities at the beginning of Fiscal Year 2020 and resulted in a significant amount of General Plan activity. However, in response to COVID-19, the City’s efforts shifted mid-Financial Plan and were reorganized into one Meta Goal of Economic Stability, Recovery, and Resiliency.

“In response to the pandemic, we exercised flexibility related to land uses and building activities, said Michael Codron, Community Development Director. “As a result, the City continues to grow well within our plans, and we have sufficient water supply to support our ongoing build out.”

Highlights from the 2020 General Plan Annual Report include:

  • Housing Production — The City continued to work on updating the Housing Element for the 6th Cycle (2020-2028), which was adopted by the City Council in November 2020. In 2020, 313 total residential units were constructed in the City. Out of this total, 261 units are subject to residential growth rate limitations. A significant portion of these new units (210 units) are located within specific plan areas. 
  • Non-Residential Development — 34,352 square feet of floor area was added to the City in 2020, yielding a five-year net non-residential growth rate of 2.23 percent.
  • Water Supply — The City’s available water supply in 2020 included 10,107 acre-feet of water, which is consistent with the City’s current water supply needs.
  • Safety — The City continued working on the Safety Element update, and in Spring 2020, a comprehensive assessment was initiated of the community’s vulnerability to climate change impacts, called “Resilient SLO.” This assessment, in conjunction with the 2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan update, will form the technical foundation of the Safety Element update as work on this project continues in 2021.
  • Parks and Recreation — Staff continued work and conduct public outreach on the Parks and Recreation Element and Plan update, also termed “Parks + Recreation Blueprint for the Future: 2021-2041”. This update will be considered for adoption by Council in Summer 2021.

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