The couple looks forward to becoming more involved with the Paso Robles community

PASO ROBLES — Siegel’s Jewelry store has proudly been Paso Robles’s family jeweler since 2012, but now the husband and wife team, Ken and Kris Siegel, have decided to retire.

It is hard to believe that Siegel’s Jewelry Store has served Paso Robles for only nine years. In that short amount of time, they have cemented themselves into the community’s hearts. They have provided our wedding rings, anniversary jewels, and just because gifts. 

Ken Siegel’s family began in the jeweler business in the 1940s. Before landing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, his father and grandfather traveled the midwest peddling watches to grow their family roots. There, the Siegel family opened a jewelry and pawnshop operated by the Siegel’s themselves.


While in college, Ken met his match, Kris, and the two moved back to Cedar Rapids, where Ken worked alongside his parents and brother for 25 years. For the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary, they came out to California to visit one of their sons and explore the wine country of Paso Robles.

Kris explains, “When we were in Paso the first time, it just felt ‘Oh my gosh, this is such a great place.’ because it’s so [about] community. We really feel like people care about each other [here].”

Ken and Kris already had intentions to open another jewelry store, only one with better weather and closer to their son. So when they came across Paso Robles, and corner space was available downtown, there was no question that it was the perfect spot for them.

“It’s [Paso Robles] so different than a lot of other downtowns, and I think it’s what a lot of other downtowns are striving to get to, and it’s not an easy process. We just felt it was the perfect fit for us,” said Kris.

Quickly, the Siegel’s became Paso Robles family jewelers. They operated with the same small family business quality as their Cedar Rapids flagship but focused on estate and designer jewelry.

But now, after almost a decade, the couple has decided to retire–for a very cute reason. 

Siegel grandkids

“Our grandkids are little–we’re really looking forward to traveling and spending a good chunk of time there [Australia],” says Kris.

With the Siegel’s oldest son living in Australia, the two hope to spend more time with their family and enjoy more of what Paso Robles has to offer.

She explains, “It was a really tough choice because the business is going well. It’s not like it was an easy decision to make based on that.”

While the Siegel’s are closing their jewelry store, they plan to remain in Paso Robles.

Leaving on a high note, with one of their best years in business, they hope to be front and center in the community they fell for, continuing to be active with the local organizations they support, including the Boys and Girls Club and the Paso Robles Youth Arts Center.

To thank their customers for their support, Siegel’s is running a “Going Out of Business Sale” starting Nov. 9, with up to 70 percent off a wide selection of new and estate jewelry, diamonds and watches until sold out–just in time for the holidays!

Since their retirement announcement, the couple has enjoyed hearing memories from long-time loyal customers coming from as far as San Diego.

Kris adds, “The sale is going really well, so we’re happy about it.”

Ken and Kris have been grateful for the support of the Paso Robles community for nearly a decade. “We hope that someone can fill our shoes to fulfill the needs of this community,” says Ken, “and enjoy our location in the heart of downtown Paso Robles.”

Finally, Kris says, “The Paso community has embraced us, which is such a great feeling.”

While the Siegel’s look forward to their next chapter in life, Paso Robles can look forward to the couple having more hands-on involvement in the community.

Finally, Ken warns, don’t be surprised if you see him with a table at the park, ready to strike up some conversation.

Siegel’s Jewelry Store is located at 739 12th Street, Paso Robles. 

Hours of operation are Tuesday thru Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., and closed Monday. 

For more information about the sale, visit their Facebook Page at or