Family expresses gratitude for support while addressing online speculation

PASO ROBLES — Six months to the date of his disappearance, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office conducted a large search for missing 5-year-old Kyle Doan. 

On Jan. 9, Kyle was swept away by floodwaters in San Marcos Creek during a severe stint of winter storms surging through the county. Over 300 search crew members from the State Office of Emergency Services came out to San Miguel last weekend, July 8 and 9, to assist in the search for Kyle. The searches focused on the Salinas River area from the confluence of San Marcos Creek to the confluence of Big Sandy Creek. According to a press release from the SLO County Sheriff’s Office, the search spanned nearly 6 miles in length and half a mile in width. 

Unfortunately, the two days of searches came up empty of any signs of Kyle.


Saturday’s search explored newly accessible areas due to lower water levels in the Salinas River. This provided teams the ability to search areas of the river that they were unable to search through in previous months.

On Sunday, the search continued with assistance from search personnel from all over the state. 

Updates from the Sheriff’s Office stated, “The Sheriff’s Office has been working to locate Kyle since that day in the hopes of reuniting him with his family.”

In the afternoon that day, search crews worked into Monterey County. Unfortunately, search efforts did not conclude with locating Kyle.

“We are saddened that these efforts did not result in reuniting Kyle with his family. At this time, the Sheriff’s Office will be assessing the situation to determine what is reasonable and possible going forward. We would like to thank everyone who assisted this weekend as well as our community for the ongoing support,” said the Sheriff’s Office in a final update to the weekend’s search efforts.

The community and people from all over the world have continued to share updates and support for the Kyle family on the Facebook page “Bring Kyle Home.”

Paso Robles Press/Atascadero News reached out to an admin member of the page and Kyle’s aunt Chantel Paschal and Kyle’s mother Lindsy Doan for comment. Paschal responded they are no longer giving interviews but gave PRP/ATN permission to quote from their Facebook posts. 

Both Lindsy and Paschal addressed comments made towards the day of the incident suggesting that Lindsy was not honest about how the accident transpired. Lindsy has repeatedly said that there was no closed road sign at the San Marcos Creek crossing that morning of Jan. 9 and that there are many misunderstandings and speculations circling the internet.

Lindsy did go on to thank those who have continued to show support for the family — and those who have not. “We do appreciate everyone’s support,” she posted. “Do know that we do read through comments even though we’ve stopped reacting and responding because there’s so much. If you choose not to support us, we understand and respect your decision because it is your decision to make.”

Paso Robles Press / Atascadero News are following this story and will provide more updates as they become available.

Feature Image: Crews search the Salinas Riverbed last weekend for Kyle Doan, the 5-year-old boy who was swept away in stormwaters on Jan. 9. Photo Courtesy of SLO County Sheriff’s Office