After a well-lived 93 years, Marjorie Mulhall Miller died on January 26, 2021, due to a brief illness. Her loved ones surrounded Margi within the comfort of Jordan and Gabrielle Rossi’s home. Margi and her sisters Mary Rae Niemann and Muriel Joyce Hurliman were the first surviving triplets born in California in 1927, born unto parents Dena and Richard Mulhall, who passed in 1984 and 1933.

She was the beloved wife of Henry ‘Hank’ Miller, who passed in 1981.

Margi’s family has a rich history in the Paso Robles community. Her grandparents Emanuel David and Sally Kuhnle arrived from The Dalles, Oregon, in 1890 and settled in the Estrella Plains. Their ranch remains in the family to this day.

Margi was the Parkfield Librarian for twenty-three years, initially located in a one-room small house and later in a trailer near Parkfield Elementary School. Margi frequently walked home from the library, absorbed in whatever new book she was reading. Attentive local drivers frequently had to slow down and beep their horns gently to let her know she was walking down the middle of the road. Margi was an active member of the San Luis Obispo County Cowbells and an avid participant in the Mercedes Club. Margi loved horses and riding them through the fields; she loved Clementine, her burro, and all of her dogs (Scotties). She enjoyed life! Margi was a rancher who was pure love and tons of fun to be around.

Margi is survived by her children; daughter Ginni Rossi, son Richard Rossi, and daughter-in-law Nori. She is also remembered by her many grandchildren; Grandson’s Vince Cary, Matt Cary (Tina), Granddaughter Courtney Wagoner (Mark), Jordan Rossi (Gabba), and Brooks Rossi. She is also survived by ten great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild and nieces Claudia Claassen, Gail Niemann, Nancy Stephenson, and Deborah Forman. 

Parkfield Cemetery will be Margi’s final resting place. A graveside service for family will be conducted during the week of February 8, followed by a celebration of life, which will take place this coming spring.