This is the story of Carly Krauk. Carly was a beautiful girl who was loved, is missed, and will always be cherished. Our sweet baby “Sissy,” as we liked to call her, was an amazing daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend, classmate, co-worker, baby-sitter, and person. Carly loved others with her whole being.

Her story began on a November morning when God gifted her to us….Mom, Denice, and Dad, Tim, and big brother, Tim. She filled our house with light and love from the moment we brought her home. Carly’s little brother, Jack, came to us in 2006. Carly had a living “baby doll” that she could care for, and she did! We often called her “little Momma” for all the care that she gave Jack. Whether she had a baby in her arms or was caring for Jack and Tim…no matter what, she was always taking care of someone. Family was so important to her, and she defended and cared for us with gumption. 

Carly loved and relied on God throughout her life. She attended New Life Pismo Beach, where she volunteered in the 3-year-olds’ Sunday School class for years. She would often write scriptures and post them around her bedroom or on notes to encourage her family and friends. She was amazingly encouraging, constantly

writing notes, sending text messages, or giving a call to each of us just to say, “I love you” or “how’s your day going?” We would all say “I love you” often in our family. Carly’s response was always, “I love you more.”

Growing up, Carly traveled with us many times. We took summer trips to various destinations… Lake Tahoe, Jackson & Mammoth here in California and trips to Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona. She loved the water, including swimming in pools or wading in the shoreline. She especially loved operating the wave runners in the Colorado River with Jack. We also enjoyed backing into the Drive-in movie and snuggling in the back of the Suburban together. She loved going to the Mid-State….and would ride every ride just to make Jack happy. Carly also loved the Dodgers and attending games with us.

Carly could not wait to get her driver’s license. She got her permit on her 15 ½ birthday and her actual license on the first available appointment after her 16th birthday….she wasted no time getting that license! One of her favorite things to do was ride around with

her brothers, Jack and Tim, and cousin, Kelsey. She joked about things to do in a small town…. “Drive around. Drive to a slightly larger town. Text a friend, to see if they want to drive around. Then drive around some more.”

Carly was such a blessing throughout her life here with us. What a truly, lovely gift she was to us all! Carly’s story doesn’t end on a Tuesday morning, as it began. She lives on in all the better parts of us. Carly is with our dear Heavenly Father. We can’t wait to meet you on that beautiful shore, sweet Sissy!

Loved ones who will miss Carly until they meet again are her parents, Tim and Denice, her brothers, Jack and Tim (Bubba), grandparents Gino (Papa Gino) and Cherie (Nana) Krauk of Atascadero and Bud (Poppy), and Margie (Mee Mee) Shipley of Nipomo. Paternal aunt and uncle, Tiffany and Paul Sims, and cousins Alexa & Bronson Sims, all of Atascadero. Maternal aunt and uncle, Tammy and Ted Cianelli, and cousins, Thomas, Cameron, and Anthony of McKinney, Texas. Maternal aunt Kelly (Tee Tee) Shipley and cousin Kelsey Shipley of Nipomo. Maternal aunt and uncle Rose & Kevin Shipley of Nipomo. Carly will also be missed by several great aunts and uncles, second, third, and fourth cousins and their families, and a multitude of friends.

And so, the story goes on until we see Carly again. We love you and miss you, Sissy!

A memorial service will be held on Thursday, November 11th, at New Life Pismo Beach at 11:11 a.m. All of her family and friends are invited to attend.