SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY — The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning to local residents about a prevalent phone scam targeting the community. Multiple reports have surfaced indicating that individuals are receiving calls from someone fraudulently claiming to be a representative of the Sheriff’s Office. The scammer’s message falsely asserts the existence of an active arrest warrant against the recipient.

The scam operates by using a phone number that directs callers to a fabricated Sheriff’s Office phone tree. The caller then informs the targeted individual that the supposed warrant can be resolved by making a cash transfer, debit card payment, or purchasing gift cards.

Residents are being urged to exercise caution and vigilance in the face of these scam attempts. The Sheriff’s Office emphatically stresses that it does not follow a practice of contacting residents via phone for matters involving warrants or arrests. Additionally, the genuine Deputy Sheriffs will never solicit money or gift cards as an alternative to bail.


To combat this fraudulent activity, the Sheriff’s Office is urging anyone who receives a call of this nature to promptly report it to their local law enforcement agency. Community members are also encouraged to share this information with their friends and family, ensuring that they are informed and prepared in the event they encounter a similar scam attempt.