PASO ROBLES — The Paso Robles Police Department is advising people not to use the drive-up mailboxes at the United States Post Office on 6th Street in Paso Robles.

“Don’t use the drive-up mailboxes at the US Post Office in Paso,” PRPD stated on its Facebook page Monday, Oct. 19. The post included a photo of the mailboxes and an explanation of what was happening.

Over the past month, PRPD has taken 15 reports regarding stolen checks from the drive-up mailboxes at the Paso Robles US Post Office.

The allegedly stolen checks were washed, altered and deposited electronically into someone’s account for amounts far greater than the original amount, PRPD stated. The total loss was $30,000.


“We are continuing to investigate every case and are working with the Post Office to fix the problem,” stated PRPD, adding that people should use the mailboxes inside the building or make a payment online.