Candidate packets available beginning July 18 with filing deadline August 7

PASO ROBLES — On November 8, Paso Robles residents will have the opportunity to vote for two open Councilmember seats (one in District 1 and one in District 2) and for the Mayor. Each position serves a four-year term. 

For those interested in running for office, the initial period for filing Nomination Papers is July 18 through August 12. However, if a seated incumbent does not file nomination papers for their respective Councilmember or Mayoral seat, the filing period to submit nomination papers will be extended to August 17.

The qualifications required for a candidate to run for City Councilmembers are as follows:


• Must be over the age of 18

• Registered to vote in the City of Paso Robles; and

• Live within the district in which they are seeking election within the Paso Robles City limits. You can find your district through the Paso Robles GIS Viewer.

The qualifications required to run for Mayor are the same as a City Councilmember. However, because the Mayor is elected at large, the candidate must live within the Paso Robles City limits.

For all three races, Candidate Packets (Nomination Papers) will be available by appointment beginning July 18, at the Paso Robles City Clerk’s Office located at Paso Robles City Hall at 1000 Spring Street. Please call (805) 237-3960 to schedule an appointment with the City Clerk.

Additional election information and the list of current candidates will be available online at As nomination packets are completed and certified, the candidate information will be added to the City’s website. The City of Paso Robles encourages all candidates to initiate the process as soon as possible on or after July 18 to ensure completion of all required paperwork and secure a nominated spot on the ballot.

About Paso Robles City Government

The City of El Paso de Robles was incorporated on March 11, 1889. It has a “Council-Manager” general law form of government. The City Manager, appointed by the City Council, is the administrative head of government, including being empowered to appoint all City department heads with the exception of the City Attorney.

Residents elect the Mayor and four Councilmembers at large rather than by district, making each accountable to the entire citizenry. The Council acts as the board of directors of the municipal corporation and meets in a public forum where citizens may participate in the governmental process.

The City Council establishes City policies, approves ordinances and resolutions, makes land-use decisions, approves agreements and contracts, hears appeals on decisions made by City staff or advisory committees, and sets utility rates. The Mayor and City Councilmembers receive a monthly stipend set by resolution.

Mayor and City Council members are required, pursuant to the Political Reform Act (Government Code Section 81000), to submit an economic interests disclosure statement, as well as, complete AB 1234 Ethics Training, and submit other Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC) campaign and annual statements.

The City Council receives input and assistance from various Advisory Body Committees and Commissions. Each Councilmember may serve as a liaison to one or more Advisory Body Committees. Each Councilmember may also represent the City on various regional boards and commissions.

Regular meetings of the Paso Robles City Council are held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the first-floor Conference Center/Council Chamber at City Hall. Copies of the staff reports and related materials are prepared in support of individual scheduled agenda items and available in the City Clerk’s Office or the City Library at 1000 Spring Street, or can be viewed/downloaded from the City’s website.

City Council meetings are open to the public with the exception of Closed Sessions. The Mayor chairs City Council meetings and is the presiding officer for the City Council, but does not have veto power.