PASO ROBLES, CA – Earlier today the City of Paso Robles released a statement that a Black Lives Matter protest and march was underway in Downtown Paso Robles. The protest was peaceful for most of the afternoon and consisted of approximately 100 – 125 people. Intermittent traffic delays affected the Downtown area and stayed consisted throughout the afternoon.  

Representatives from several county law enforcement agencies are on hand to assist Paso Robles as needed. The City of Paso Robles, including the Paso Robles Police Department, supports peaceful protests and showed their support throughout the day. They remain diligent keeping the protesters safe and protected from traffic.

Outside the protest locals gathered downtown to support the small business owners and additional law enforcement arrived as the once peaceful protest moved into the late afternoon hours.

We will have a full report later today, Nic Mattson one of our publishers is still on scene and will keep us updated as things progress.


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Protesters Gather in front of the Paso Robles Court House and Police Department. Photo by Nicholas Mattson
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Update: Protest In Downtown Paso Robles