Police Chief Ty Lewis accepts National Police Week proclamation

PASO ROBLES — The Paso Robles City Council met virtually on May 18.

Mayor Steve Martin was absent during the meeting, leaving Councilmember John Hamon to step in as acting mayor.

After the invocation, Councilmember Hamon asked for a moment of silence for San Luis Obispo Detective Luca Benedetti, who was killed in action on May 10.


“I would like to have a moment of silence for him and all of the men in blue who served their full measure of duty to us,” said Hamon.

Hamon then read a proclamation that declares May 9 through May 15 as National Police Week and May 15 as National Peace Officer Day in Paso Robles.

Paso Robles Police Chief Ty Lewis accepted the proclamation saying, “I thank the council for acknowledging National Police Week. It’s been a rough year, and as you noted, Councilman Hamon, last week weighs heavy on our hearts with Detective Benedetti’s death and his partner being shot. Of course, there was another one that followed that in Stockton. For us I think that in Paso Robles we experienced an active shooter event that resulted in a deputy being shot in front of the police station. Several months after that, there was another deputy sheriff being shot. It underscores the danger that our men and women face every day.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of our community, how they support us regularly and show their love and their support. Our men and women that work here in Paso Robles and throughout this county, and throughout the state, love their communities and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

It is particularly tough following last week to accept this proclamation, but it does underscore what each of your police officers, the men, and women, are willing to do for their communities, and with that, I appreciate the moment of silence we had earlier, and we thank you for this proclamation.”

Council then discussed a public outreach plan for the upcoming intersection improvements at Golden Hill Road and Union Road.

The Housing Constraints and Opportunities Committee (HCOC) identified a single lane roundabout as the best solution for the intersection.

A prolonged detour will be in place during the construction of the roundabout. The intersection will be closed from approximately December 2021 through August 2022.

Proposed detours include:

Main Detour – Ardmore Rd (by Culinary Academy) to Union Road

Alternative Detour – Union to River to Experimental Station or Buena Vista to Experimental to River Businesses near the detour on Union can be reached via Ardmore Road. Ardmore Road needs to be finished before the detour can begin in Nov./Dec. 2021.

“This is going to be our first roundabout for Roblans, and we have to get it right,” said Hamon.

City staff plans to make door-to-door contact with businesses and residents affected by this project. Community updates and an educational component for how to navigate a roundabout will be provided through various media outlets, social media, neighborhood door hangers, and on the City website at prcity.com/detour

The next regular City Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jun. 3, at 6:30 p.m. and the agenda can be found on the city’s website.