The simulator was paid for by the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program

PASO ROBLES—On Thursday, Jan. 27, the Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services debuted the county’s new San Luis Obispo Regional Fire Safety Simulator, whose home base will be in Paso Robles.

Photo 2 Fire Truck
The interactive simulator is available for use throughout San Luis Obispo County. Photo by Camille DeVaul

The simulator provides improved and realistic training scenarios, essential for fire safety training for children and adults. The interactive simulator is controlled through an electronic tablet where the user can make smoke come from almost anywhere with the press of a button. For example, fake smoke can come from under a door (which can also be used in training for feeling hot spots), a toaster, and an oven. The simulator will even act out a severe weather storm. 

The simulator was paid for by the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG), which awarded $107,157 to the fire department. This is a FEMA grant awarded through their Fire Prevention and Safety category. Additionally, the San Luis Obispo Fire Safe Council provided the required 5% contribution which was $5,102.


Paso Robles Fire Marshal, Randy Harris, says, “Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services applied on behalf of the San Luis Obispo County Fire Chiefs. The grant was proposed because of the county-wide need to educate children and adults alike in fire prevention and emergency preparedness. The interactive simulations are much more realistic and engaging for today’s youth.”

The training simulator is free for the public to use and available for all of San Luis Obispo County. The simulator can be used as an educational fun activity for birthday parties, school events, and more.

Anyone interested in using the simulator can call their local fire department. Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services will be providing training to all interested departments.

Photo 3 Fire Truck
The simulator provides more realistic and engaging scenarios for today’s youth. Photo by Camille DeVaul