Paso Robles Community Volunteer Patrol seeks more volunteer help 

PASO ROBLES — The Paso Robles Community Volunteer Patrol (CVP) is one of those unsung heroes of our City. We may not always notice them, but we would certainly miss them if they were gone.

The CVP was created to be additional “eyes and ears” for the Paso Robles Police Department (PRPD), patrolling the streets in a volunteer marked vehicle.

Some of their duties include conducting traffic control at accident scenes, traffic and crowd control at special events such as parades and festivals, as well as various downtown events.

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Other duties include Airport and Train Station security checks, vacation house watch checks, crime scene access control, search and rescue, and Project Lifesaver.

CVP members look for anything out of order, such as reckless drivers, an open business door after hours, or any other suspicious activity. When something is observed, they notify Dispatch from the car or handheld radios, and an officer is notified to take action.

Paul Kanton, President of the Paso Robles CVP, said, “Our pay is the response we get from the community. It is a program where we have the opportunity to pay back to the community.”

Some of the CVP members have a background in law enforcement. For instance, Kanton is a retired military police officer of 45 years. But previous law enforcement experience is not a requirement.

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Kanton joined the program five years ago. He said, “I wanted to give back to the community–because of my police background, it fits right in. I like the work and to help people.”

The CVP provides many programs for the community. One favorite is the Teddy Bear program, where members hand out teddy bears to children who provide an act of kindness. 

One of the greatest benefits of having a CVP is its ability to relieve more police officers to aid in more serious crimes or situations. 

The Paso Robles Police Department provides training to all CVP volunteer members. 

Training includes: 

  • Orientation/Organization
  • Proactive Crime Prevention 
  • Patrol and Observation Skills
  • Radio Communications
  • Traffic Control
  • Crime Scene Access Control
  • Patrol Procedures
  • CVP Member Safety

Hands-on training is provided to ensure you will be able to handle all of the tasks required with confidence and professionalism.

Members may patrol anytime, day or night, to suit themselves and their own schedules and patrol with a partner. Members are provided with the tools necessary for the job. 

Volunteer cars are equipped with police radios, light bars, flares and traffic cones, first aid kits, and other equipment. Members always carry handheld police radios, flashlights, cell phones, and reflective safety vests.

The CVP is currently made up of 11 members, but they are looking for more members to join them in helping their community.

Members are men and women age 21 and older in good physical condition, able to volunteer ten hours a month, pass a background check, enjoy public contact, and present a professional image.

For more information on the program or to become a volunteer, call (805)227-7533 or visit