The Almond Acres Charter School club will open March 16 with a ribbon cutting ceremony

PASO ROBLES — Thanks to a partnership between the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast and Almond Acres Charter School, students can now enjoy after school programming provided by the highly trained and caring staff of Boys & Girls Clubs. This is the third Boys & Girls Club Clubhouse operating in Paso Robles.  

Club Members benefit from the mentorship and caring provided by the highly trained Youth Development Professionals who staff the Club daily. Club Members will have access to the highly-regarded Power Hour, after-school homework help offered at every Boys & Girls Club in the country, along with other proven programs that focus on the organization’s five key focus areas: Educational advancement, the Arts, Health and Wellness, Leadership and Service and Sports and Recreation.  

The Clubhouse will be led by Brenna Collins and falls under the supervision of Mina Donkor, Area Director for all Clubs in the Northern SLO County region. The Club is thrilled to open with 64 members from all grade levels at the Almond Acres Charter school located at 1145 Niblick Road in Paso Robles.  


Leo Castillo, Vice Principal at Almond Acres, shares, “The partnership between Almond Acres and the Boys & Girls Club is one that should be fostered across all school districts. Being able to provide an after-school program to our own school families is not only beneficial to parents but to students alike. The students can feel safe, cared for, and at home. These factors help social and emotional development and progress.” As a school administrator, having an onsite program is beneficial logistically. He adds, “Keeping kiddos ‘in house’ can help support easy transitions from school to an after-school program along with supporting their continued care.”  

The grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for March 16, starting at 4 p.m. The community is invited to attend. 

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Third Boys & Girls Clubs of Mid Central Coast Opening in Paso Robles