Scholarship recipients Walker Craven and Katie Dennison and other members in attendance

TEMPLETON — The Templeton Women’s Charitable Club installed its new officers in a unique and symbolic ceremony held June 5 at McPhee’s Grill in Templeton. Attendees, including this year’s scholarship recipients, Walker Craven and Katie Dennison, enjoyed a lunch from McPhee’s as part of the celebration.

The ceremony featured a tradition where each officer was presented with a different colored flower, each symbolizing their responsibilities and roles for the upcoming year.

  • President — MeShawn Dimos, represented by a red flower, symbolizing courage.
  • Vice President — Summer Ramos, represented by a blue flower, denoting harmony and faithfulness.
  • Secretary — Hilary Krohn, represented by a green flower, embodying consistency and endurance.
  • Treasurer — Chandra Needelman, represented by a yellow flower, representing honesty and truth.
  • Members at Large — Mary Ann Snyder, Christine Giaquinto, and Cynthia Nicholson, represented by a white flower, signifying fairness and consistency.

“We were thrilled to honor our incoming officers with this beautiful ceremony,” said Mary Hough, outgoing president of the Templeton Women’s Charitable Club. “Each flower’s color was chosen to reflect these important roles’ core values and duties. It is a wonderful way to celebrate our club’s commitment to charity, community, and leadership.”

The outgoing officers for the 2023-2024 term were:

  • President — Mary Hough
  • Vice President — Summer Ramos
  • Secretary — Joni Consani
  • Treasurer — Chandra Needelman
  • Members at Large — Mary Ann Snyder, Christine Giaquinto, and Cynthia Nicholson

The Templeton Women’s Charitable Club has been a cornerstone of community service and support in Templeton since 1913. Dedicated to improving the lives of others in the northern San Luis Obispo County community, the club provides a forum for women of the area to identify local charities that can best address the community’s needs. By supporting youth through scholarship awards and other school-related programs, the club makes a significant impact on the future of the community.

The Templeton Women’s Charitable Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:30 a.m.

Feature Image: Incoming TWCC Officers (from left) include Chandra Needelman, Hilary Krohn, Summer Ramos, MeShawn Dimos, Mary Ann Snyder, and Christine Giaquinto. Not pictured is Cynthia Nicholson. Photo by AMO Photography