The Natural Alternative Nutrition Center,
September 2019

We’ve been told to eat more fish because of the enormous health benefits of fish oils. The high content of omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and mackerel not only inhibit inflammation, but also are essential for proper brain and nervous system function, as well as helping with blood pressure, cognitive function, asthma, eczema, depression, and dry skin.

If you feel a bit “out of focus” and can’t remember names or have difficulty with memory recall, try Nordic Naturals® Omega FOCUS. This fish oils combo is a winner  It not only contains a high dose of high quality omega-3 but is a concentration of DHA which is more brain specific for focus, clarity and memory as well as my favorite herb bacopa. Bacopa is essential for anyone needing extra brain power because it enhances concentration, learning and memory recall. Loving this one!

But wait! What about this “farmed” fish that is now in the grocery stores, being served in restaurants and used as a source for inexpensive fish oil supplements? Is it the same? Apparently not!  Osteopath Joseph Mercola found out the hard way that some fish oils lack the right fatty acids to be effective. He directed his patients to take a leading brand to normalize cholesterol levels which was working very effectively. He then began switching his patients to a box store brand because of a lower price. It stopped working. He switched his patients back.  (Ref: Dr. Kathryn Fuchs, PhD, Women’s Health April 03). 

Nordic Naturals® fish oil products are non-GMO and third party tested; surpassing the strictest international standards for purity and freshness.  The Natural Alternative Nutrition Center carries only the highest grade fish oils derived from cold, deep water fish from the cleanest waters of the world. Nordic Naturals® Omega FOCUS is 20 percent off through September.

In the book “Grain Brain” by Dr. David Perlmutter, the emphasis is on the importance of wild fish as opposed to farm raised fish for several reasons.  Farmed fish contains high levels of omega-6 which is inflammatory versus omega-3 which is anti-inflammatory. Inflammation increases your risk of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, coronary artery disease and Alzheimer’s. In addition, since farmed fish are grown in crowded conditions, they are routinely fed antibiotics to prevent infections which can then alter your delicate microbiome system creating an imbalance in beneficial bacteria that is essential to optimal health. Some of the “cheaper” fish oils on the market may in fact be from farmed fish. Don’t be fooled! You will not find “Frankenfish” oil at The Natural Alternative