Haggmark builds shelter for goats at From the Heart Animal Sanctuary

PASO ROBLES — The Eagle Scout rank is an opportunity for a Scout to demonstrate leadership of others while performing a project for the benefit of their community. Boy Scout Garrett Haggmark, from Troop 60, met with Joe Thomas, owner of From the Heart Animal Sanctuary, to discuss the need for a run-in animal shelter for the sanctuary’s 20 goats. 

Haggmark first designed the shelter with Thomas. Then, he met with Scout leaders to discuss the need, present the design as required by the Boy Scouts organization, and complete the Scout application for the project and the fundraising forms. The estimated project cost was $1,400. He then secured donations from Lowe’s (lumber, screws, and concrete) and Andros Engineering (the roofing and side tin) in Paso Robles. After completing all the administrative paperwork and collection of materials, Haggmark then led six volunteer scouts from Troop 60 of Paso Robles in the building of the run-in structure. 

To become an Eagle Scout, candidates must meet certain qualifications:

  1. Merit Badges: Scouts need to earn at least 21 merit badges, with 13 of them being Eagle-required badges covering various areas like personal fitness, environmental science, public speaking, citizenship, and financial management.
  2. Leadership: Scouts are required to demonstrate leadership within their troop by leading a patrol and independently planning activities such as campouts, backpacking trips, and troop excursions.
  3. Eagle Project: Scouts must organize and lead a significant volunteer project aimed at improving their community. This project showcases their leadership and organizational abilities.

Haggmark assumed responsibility for identifying, planning, and leading the shelter project to achieve Eagle Scout rank, a monumental challenge that only 5 percent of Boy Scouts in the United States ever achieve. Eagle Scout Rank involves years of dedication, community service, and leadership experiences. 

He chose From the Heart Animal Sanctuary based on the sanctuary’s mission to provide forever homes for animals in need. From the Heart Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit that depends on the generosity of the community. 

“We are thrilled and grateful that Garrett chose us for his community project,” Thomas said. “This structure is a significant undertaking that involves fundraising and the complexities of designing and building a structure that can withstand the elements of nature. It’s as complex as building a pergola for your backyard. I am so impressed with the results.” 

About From the Heart Animal Sanctuary

The From the Heart Animal Sanctuary is home to unwanted or medically fragile animals in peril. The sanctuary is the forever home to these animals. The animals also serve as models for children’s art classes. Joe Thomas uses the animals to reach and teach kids ages 5-12 the physical and behavioral characteristics of each animal they draw and paint at Paso Robles Youth Arts Center. Joe Thomas imparts knowledge and compassion to the children through this outreach. From the Heart Animal Sanctuary is on Fat Goat Farm in Paso Robles. Visit fromtheheartanimalsanctuary.org for more information.

Feature Image: Troop 60 Boy Scout Garrett Haggmark stands in front of the goat shelter he built for From the Heart Animal Sanctuary. Contributed Photo