Fong’s releases statement regarding Governor’s announcement

SACRAMENTO — Kern County’s Assemblyman Vince Fong issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s announcement that curtails vital in-state energy production:

“At a time when Californians need affordable and reliable energy, the Governor is once again choosing to increase energy costs, reduce needed energy production, and puts jobs and careers at risk in Kern County and throughout the state.

“We should be encouraging more energy production for Californians, in California, and by Californians; this regulatory action does the exact opposite.


“These regulations are not supported by data and will only force California to be more reliant on foreign countries – many with questionable environmental and human rights records.

“The average price of a gallon of gas in California is $4.53 – more than a dollar increase from a year ago. Rising gasoline and energy costs will further deepen the financial burdens of hard-working families while their jobs continue to be erased by this Administration.

“Proposing a new regulation, without the voice of energy experts, makes little sense, further proving that the only voices he values are the ones that agree with him.”