PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles, in collaboration with Caltrans and the Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District (USLT RCD), will begin Phase II of the Centennial Creek Rehabilitation Project on July 10.

Centennial Creek, a waterway connecting Lana Street to Navajo Avenue and ultimately the Salinas River, has long suffered from significant erosion, bank destabilization, damaged culverts, and habitat degradation. The Centennial Creek Rehabilitation Project aims to improve the creek’s functionality, hydrology (water flow velocity), and natural habitat through the following methods:

  • Grading specific areas of the creek to widen the channel, allowing water to pool and reducing scouring velocity.
  • Creating roughened riffles (cobble beds) to mimic a natural creek system, slowing water and allowing sediment to settle.
  • Removing debris and rock hardscapes.
  • Planting a variety of native and fire-resistant plant species around specific creek areas.

The construction and rehabilitation project will last approximately 8 to 10 weeks, starting at the eastern/upstream portion of Centennial Creek (Lana Street to Nickerson Drive). For public safety, the City will close the walking path while heavy equipment conducts the work. The closure is estimated to begin on July 10 and continue through late August, provided the construction schedule remains as planned. Signage and fencing will be installed to deter pedestrians and ensure safety.


Post-construction, a 3-year planting period will be followed by a 7-year monitoring period to ensure the project meets agency success criteria. The US-LT RCD will be responsible for long-term monitoring and maintenance, which will include plant watering, vegetation, and weed management, as well as other maintenance needs.

Caltrans provided funding to the US-LT RCD for the design and construction of the Centennial Creek Rehabilitation Project. Additionally, an endowment from Caltrans will be established and held by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, to be administered to the US-LT RCD to ensure the project site is monitored and maintained according to permit requirements.