Fireworks pose a significant fire danger due to increasingly dry conditions

SAN LUIS OBISPO — San Luis Obispo Police and Fire remind San Luis Obispo residents that all fireworks, including “safe and sane,” are prohibited in the City of San Luis Obispo even if legally purchased from a fireworks stand in another community.

Fireworks pose a significant fire danger due to increasingly dry conditions. Penalties for setting off fireworks in the City include fines that top out at $2,000.

Community members can report fireworks observed in the City by calling the 24/7 non-emergency dispatch line at (805)781-7312. The fire department asks that individuals only use 9-1-1 to report emergencies.


“We understand the community wants to celebrate our Country’s Independence Day and that fireworks have historically been a part of those celebrations; however, we encourage everyone to find safe and legal ways to participate in the Holiday,” said Fire Chief Keith Aggson. “In addition to the risk of causing injuries, fireworks can easily spark a dangerous wildfire, especially while our weather is hot and dry.”

As an alternative to using, selling, or possessing fireworks, community members can enjoy safe fireworks shows in San Luis Obispo County, including in San Luis Obispo, on Jul. 3 as part of the San Luis Blues baseball game located at Sinsheimer Park. Fireworks shows will also take place in Pismo Beach and Cayucos.

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