Kenneth Enney and Carey Alvord speak on petition for special election

PASO ROBLES — A petition has been filed to terminate newly appointed Paso Robles Jointed Unified School District Trustee Kenneth Enney.

Enney, who was sworn in on Oct. 11, was appointed to fill the seat left behind by Chris Bausch, who left the PRJUSD to fill a seat on Paso Robles City Council. Rather than holding an election, the board voted to appoint a new candidate to save the district a financial cost to hold the election. After interviews with seven candidates, Enney was approved with a 4-2 vote, with Tim Gearhart and Nathan Williams both voting no. 

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The petition itself — of which Paso Robles Press obtained a redacted copy directly from the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder — does not specify the reason for the petition to terminate Enney. However, it does say that if an election is called, it will cost the district approximately $493,000.

Reports have been made that the petition to terminate Enney is due to his conservative beliefs. Enney, a Marine veteran and rancher, told Paso Robles Press that he does not hide his conservative political or personal beliefs.

“Any American citizen is allowed their opinions. And we should encourage people to have their own opinion,” Enney explained to Paso Robles Press. “It’s when people in power start forcing their opinions on those they are in charge of … I haven’t done that, nor do I intend to do that.”

PRJUSD Homeless and Foster Services Supervisor Carey Alvord organized the petition drive, which received around 800 signatures. For the special election to move forward, 455 signatures must be valid.

“We were just really disappointed in the choice that they had made because we felt that it was a person with more extremist views than what is appropriate for Paso Robles and our school district,” Alvord said.

If a special election is called, Enney says he intends to run for the seat. 

“I don’t necessarily oppose what these people are doing. I do disagree with their motivations,” says Enney referring to those who disagree with his beliefs.

According to Enney, he has been asked to resign from his seat to allow for a new appointment and to save the district money on a special election. It was insinuated that PRJUSD Superintendent Curt Dubost suggested Enney resign.

Dubost responded to Paso Robles Press, saying “while resignation is always an option, I have not advocated for that directly nor indirectly.”

SLO County Clerk-Recorder Elaina Cano told Paso Robles Press her office will complete the signature verification on Friday, Dec. 9.