PASO ROBLES — Paso High Theatre Company (PHTC) is presenting “A Christmas Carol: A Radio Play,” adapted by Bob Conner from the Charles Dickens classic novel.

On Friday, Dec 18, KPRL will present PHTC’s “A Christmas Carol” during its “Sound Off” show from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Audience members can also listen On Demand from Dec 18-27.

Virtual tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at

AnywhereSeat allows audience members to purchase digital access to PHTC events and attend virtually from anywhere.


For the last few months, PHTC Advanced Acting Class students held rehearsals virtually every other day through Google Meet.

During Technical Theatre Production class, students created sound effects from scratch while simultaneously learning the art of Foley from local Carmine Rubino.

Students created home sound studios to record dialogue and sound effects.

The process was a challenging learning experience for students and Marcy Goodnow, Paso Robles High School Director of Theatre Arts.

“The experience has been challenging, but the actors and technicians were really up for telling a story any way we could,” Goodnow said. “We all learned many new skills, including creating sound effects and recording dialogue alone, but making it feel like we were together.”

A radio show seemed like the theatre company’s best bet if they wanted to put on a show this season. Goodnow knew if she could get her students microphones, the show could go on.

“Bob Cooner wrote a fantastic version of ‘A Christmas Carol,’ and he decided to make it into a radio play so that we would be able to use it during the pandemic,” Goodnow said.

Putting on the radio show has been something positive for students while distance learning.

“Distance learning has been tough, but we were able to put on a show and tell a story,” Goodnow said. “We are all so happy to be able to share it with our community.”

This Winter, PHTC plans to film a play and put it online for the audience to watch.

Last Spring, PHTC was two weeks from putting on its “Mamma Mia!” production when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down first happened. Students hope to put on their delayed production of “Mamma Mia!” in late-Spring of 2021, possibly outside.

Paso High Theatre Company’s “A Christmas Carol: A Radio Play” offers people the opportunity for a family night activity.

Ticketing information is available at