435 students graduate from Paso Robles High School on June 10

PASO ROBLES — On a more than toasty day, Paso Robles High School (PRHS) hosted its 126th graduation for the Class of 2022 on Friday, June 10, at War Memorial Stadium.

The senior class asked Geoffrey Land and Jenny Martinez, both PRHS social science teachers, to be the emcees for their graduation.

For the first time since 2019, the senior Bearcats walked and graduated together on the same night. This year 435 students graduated from PRHS, over 30 more than in 2021. 


The PRHS Advance Choir Forte opened the ceremony singing the national anthem, and was followed by Senior Class President Ashley Paulsen leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

After introducing PRHS faculty members, Land and Martinez introduced Superintendent Curt Dubost, Deputy Superintendent Jennifer Gaviola, Assistant Superintendent Brad Pawlowski, Assistant Superintendent Erin Haley, and the Board of Trustees: Chris Arend, Chris Bausch, Frank Triggs, Lance Gannon, Tim Gearhart, Dorian Baker, and Nathan Williams.

Associated Student Body President Malia Gaviola was the first student speaker of the night.

She asked her classmates to remember what they stood for during their high school years and commended her class for their efforts in activism.

“Whenever the senior class saw a problem, we saw to fix it, and we introduced new traditions and ideas to our school community,” said Gaviola, “We set the tone for our underclassmen and sowed the seeds for what Paso Robles High School would be like in the future.”

She later added, “We are the Bearcats who can stand for a better future.”

Dubost echoed Gaviola’s sentiments and reflected on the country’s current and diverse state.

“Paso Robles High School Bearcats Class of 2022, please continue to be active, involved, and informed and to propose solutions that will both meet your needs and gain broad support,” said Dubost. “Not just from your perspective. Most importantly, please register to vote and take part in the coming elections.”

Paulsen then returned to the podium, reflecting on the moments and trials that led her and her classmates to where they are today. She thanked her family, friends, chosen family, and finally, her classmates.

“Thank you for making each day count for each other,” she said to her classmates, “We have all had an impact on one another in some shape or form that has created us into who we are now.”

Paulsen then asked her classmates to strive to make every day count, quoting Kanye West, “We can’t dwell on the past. All we’ve got is today. So I’m going to live like there is no tomorrow, no goodbye.”

But, she added she is not Kanye and today is goodbye.

Director of Student Services Commander Thomas Harrington presented the nine Bearcat graduates who are going into the U.S. military:

  • Alver Alvarez Garcia — U.S. Army
  • Jalen Costa — U.S. Army
  • Michael Baxstresser — U.S. Navy
  • Mia Lojacono Smith — U.S. Navy
  • Xochilt Luis Lopez — U.S. Navy
  • Angel Barragan — USMC
  • Yarili Rangel Granados — USMC
  • Alan Martinez — USMC
  • Obed Uzeta — USMC

Land then introduced the top Bearcats for the Class of 2022, which included 97 students achieving a 4.0 GPA or higher.

Next was Salutatorian Rayvin Wulfing’s turn on the stage, as he thanked everyone for supporting her through the last four years and beyond. Rayvin ended her senior year with a 4.79 GPA from PRHS.

Wulfing urged her classmates to find and spread light in the coming years rather than succumb to the temptations of fear.

Following Wulfind was Valedictorian Tyler Woodard. 

Woodard, who earned a 4.83 GPA, said, “To those of you graduates who have a pretty good idea of what you’d like to do in your life, congratulations. And those who don’t, I am glad I’m in good company.”

He then sent his classmates onto the next stage in life with hopes for them each to find their true selves and find happiness.

Principal Anthony Overton and Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board President Arend congratulated the Class of 2022 before handing students their diplomas one by one.

After reciting the Alma Mater together one last time, the PRHS Class of 2022 turned their tassels to the left and, as a tradition, tossed their caps into the air.

Congratulations, Paso Robles High School Bearcats Class of 2022!