Incident still under investigation, 18-year-old male arrested for battery on Wednesday

PASO ROBLES — Paso Robles High School’s (PRHS) newest assistant principal was injured during an altercation that took place off-campus on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

According to Paso Robles Joint Unified School District (PRJUSD) Superintendent Curt Dubost, word was passed around of an altercation just off PRHS campus. The assistant principal went to help the situation and was struck in the face and fell unconscious. 

He was taken to the hospital by emergency personnel. The incident is reported to have happened around 3:30 p.m.

While the incident is still under investigation, an arrest was made of an 18-year-old male for battery causing serious bodily injury. He is said not to be a PRHS student and never attended a Paso Robles school.

According to Dubost, they do not believe race was a factor in the incident but is believed to have started from a bullying situation. 

The assistant principal is new to the Paso Robles area and just started his first week at the High School. 

Dubost and Jenny Martinez, the psychology and leadership teacher at PRHS, both said he had made a large impact on the students, saying he has already made strong connections with them. 

Dubost remarked how proud he was of the students as they tried defending him and continue to show their support for the newest staff member. 

Martinez, who was present during the incident, recalled how shocked students were and couldn’t understand why someone would want to hurt him. 

Today, students are showing their support for the newest PRHS member by drawing art with chalk around campus and gathering funds for gift cards for him.

In his first week at PRHS, the new assistant principal has already gained respect from students, built connections with them, and made an impact on them. 

Students are wishing him a speedy recovery and look forward to when he can come back to campus.