Soldiers from Camp Roberts and their families joined Chapter’s float in Templeton’s Fourth of July Parade

PASO ROBLES — Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Chapter El Paso de Robles honored their Patriots and the Birth of Our Country by participating in the Templeton 4th of July Parade.

This was the Chapter’s fourth year in the parade—members dressed in clothing of that period and rode on a float designed and decorated by themselves.

Every year the Chapter honors a woman patriot who made a difference in the war. This year they honored Catherine Moore Berry.


Berry was a true American heroine. When her husband, Andrew, became a captain and commanding officer in the war, she proudly helped him acting as a spy and messenger and even fought in some battles with him. However, she is best known for her role in warning the American militia the British were about to invade, just before the decisive Continental Army victory at the Battle of Cowpens, January 17, 1781.

For the second time, members were honored with soldiers from Camp Roberts who joined them in the parade.

Soldiers wore Continental Uniforms and marched alongside Catherine Moore Berry. Families of some of the soldiers joined the Chapter on the float.

Mr. Ben Franklin joined the float for the fourth year in a row.


Members that participated in the parade were: Teresa Terry, Susan Clark, Karen Harrell, Lida Lucas, Linda Wood, Diana Brenna, Susan Foreman, Madalyn McDaniel, and Adriane Landreth.

Soldiers from Camp Roberts were: MAJ Scott, 1SG Massey, SFC Morales, SGT Stephens, SPC Bair, PFC Johnson, CPL Galen Craig, and SGT Tepp. In addition, MAJ Scott’s Wife and their son and daughter were on the float; 1SG Massey’s daughter was also on the float.

Susan Bettencourt was Catherine Moore Berry, and George W. Wood III Lieutenant U.S. Coast Guard (RET) was Ben Franklin.

Mr. Wood has been a long-time friend of Mr. Ben Franklin and passed a letter on to the Chapter from Mr. Franklin:

A special thank you to James O’Loughlin, Carson Landreth, and Mike Lucas, who made it all come together with their hard work and dedication to supporting their wives in the Chapter.

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DAR, El Paso de Robles Chapter Honors Patriots