Clarkson surprised Twisselman by introducing her to author Rachel Hollis who inspired her journey

Kiah Twisselman, Carrisa Plains resident, made a guest appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Mar. 30.

Before boarding a plane to a conference for the beef council, Twisselman picked up Rachel Hollis’s book ‘Girl, Wash Your Face.’ Then Twisselman had her ah-ha moment, if you will, after having to ask for a seatbelt extender on the plane for the first time. 

At the time, Twisselman weighed 285 pounds.


But since her ah-ha moment, Twisselman has lost 122 pounds and become a full-time life coach. 

Twisselman Clarkson Show 11
“Coach Kiah” Twisselman on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Video images of the show.

Talking about Hollis’s book, Twisselman said to Clarkson, “Reading her book, her words were like getting slapped in the face, in a good way. It was kind of a hard pill to swallow. Her book talks a lot about taking massive ownership of your life, and I had realized I had been playing the victim in my life in a big way.”

Twisselman said the whole experience happened very quickly. She was invited to be on the show one week before taping but had no idea the surprise they had in store for her.

During the show, Clarkson surprised Twisselman by introducing her to Rachel Hollis, the author of the book that started Twisselman’s journey. 

Twisselman Clarkson Show 4
Rachel Hollis (left), Kiah Twisselman (center) and Kelly Clarkson (right). Video Images of Kelly Clarkson Show

“Their crew was so wonderful from the very first person I met to the last. Getting to meet Kelly was incredible–she was so lovely, and it was the most incredible surprise that they surprised me with Rachel Hollis on the show. I’m still pinching myself.”

 “I did see the story when it first came out,” said Hollis, “I promise you the ripple effects of you choosing to do this in your life and then telling that story and being public about it you are changing your community, your family, this will reach for generations and you won’t be able to see the effects of the change that you’ve made because it will continue long after your gone.”

Hollis then invited Twisselman to her to be a VIP guest at Hollis’s RISE Women’s Conference.

Seeing and meeting Hollis, the one who started it all, was an incredible experience for Twisselman. 

She told Paso Robles Press, “I did get to hug Rachel Hollis [backstage], and I just burst into tears. It’s a really special moment when you get to meet someone who has made such a huge impact on your life and be able to say thank you, and that was an incredible and emotional experience for me.”

As if this day couldn’t have gotten better for Twisselman, another exciting thing happened.

Twisselman explained, “As I’m talking to her backstage, she says, ‘wait a second. I just got the chills. Do you want to be a keynote speaker at my conference?’ And so not only do I get to go to her conference in Austin, but I’m going to have the opportunity to be on her stage and share my story at the conference, which is insane. Such an honor, and I’m so excited.”

For the first time, the conference will be virtual, allowing more guests to attend. The conference will be held May 14-16, just a week after Twisselman gets married to her fiance Brent Burchett.

Visit for more information on the event. 

Twisselman is one of those genuine people whose energy is inspiring and empowering. She explains that she wants to give credit to everyone who has inspired her throughout her life. Now she is excited to be the person that others are looking to for guidance, the way Twisselman looked up to Hollis.

“If you would have told me less than three years ago that not only would I be able to lose 125 pounds and finally love myself and my body again, not only would I be able to create a career that I didn’t even know was possible and become a successful entrepreneur and be on the Kelly Clarkson Show but I also get to meet the woman whose book was the catalyst to change it all I would have thought you were crazy and out of your mind.”

But we aren’t out of our minds Twisselman, you really did accomplish all of that, and we can’t wait to see what else you do.

You can watch Twisselman’s segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show, here.

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