Get Buzzed! Run for Lillian Larson

The month of February is noted for hearts and flowers and candy, and in San Miguel, for Hornets. The 19th annual Buzz Marathon will be held this year on February 16 on the beautiful course running through Camp Roberts. Due to some construction, the course has been redesigned. With help from Paul DeMatteo it has been recalibrated and recertified by USA Track and Field to maintain entrants’ eligibility for other races including the prestigious Boston Marathon. Current Lillian Larsen Athletic Director Larry Halderman is race director. Course volunteers are needed.
For all information and to register, go to All participants, including volunteers, must respond by February 10 in order that the military can do security checks. It is suggested that mailed entries be posted by February 1 to ensure they are received on time. Entries close on February 9 at
For all information and to register, go to
The Buzz Marathon began in 2000 as a way to raise funds for sports programs at Lillian Larsen School. Eighth-grade teacher and Athletic Director Eileen Rogers had personally funded an athletics program for some fifteen years. In brainstorming ways to find an independent way to help the program become self-sustaining, the marathon seemed ideal. It started slowly but with much encouragement, it grew. Since the Lillian Larsen Mascot is a Hornet, it was named the ‘Buzz Marathon’ and Eileen was dubbed the ‘Hornet Queen’, an appellation of which she is justly proud. Year by year it became better and better until achieving its present status.
Although retired from teaching at San  Miguel, Eileen keeps very busy, still greatly involved with sports. She firmly believes in exercising both mind and body. Thus, six years ago she established the Rogers Family Fun Run which is held at the end of October.
The course runs through San Miguel from the school to the Mission and back and also benefits Larsen Athletics. This success story certainly shows how one person with a good idea, determination and contagious enthusiasm can make a big difference!
Meanwhile, also in February, the sport of football culminates in the Super Bowl which will be played on February 3 in Atlanta. San Miguel Seniors will continue their tradition of a community Super Bowl Party that afternoon at the Senior Center on East 12th Street. Friends and neighbors are invited to bring snacks to share and enjoy the game in good company. Game time is 3:30 p.m. out here in the west. Doors will be open from 1 p.m. at the Center. Come root with us.